I invite everyone to discuss league!!!

Is it only for me that the league makes no sense?
Why can any lvl be in one league? 130lvl vs 80lvl?
Why are the leagues not divided into lvl? So that 80lvl would fight 80lvl and 130 with 130lvl that would make sense, not compare the extremes.

This problem is discussed in this topic: 

So, check it out, please ?

Leagues are not divided by levels, they’re for whoever is competent enough to play in them.

If you’re one of the 3 most competent players in the Bronze league you will be promoted to Silver league. Then Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

It’s all about how much you score in a given time frame.


I guess we did not understand, I meant that in a league should fight the same lvl and that there was a situation where players from the 130 lvl and 50 players reach the league. Because player 50- gets for battle 30, and 130 gets 700 medals

It would not be better to divide each league into a lvl so that there are only players with the same level in a given league?

Then what would be the point of the 5th star?

Just take your time evolving and progressing through the game. You’ll get everything you work for.

What’s to discuss? Closing the dungeons has made the Leagues boring and completely irrelevant unless you’re a newbie or a top tier player. Thanks for completely destroying another fun part of the game Flare.

I honestly think that taking away the dungeons was a good move to take away an exploit. However, the dungeons themselves should not be unplayable. Just the medals, gold, and XP should be removed. I want to be able to play old dungeons again


Leagues, well, they are kind of competitive sometimes, or sometimes,  simply un winnable, but then also, dividing leagues into several other leagues would take much time for flare, though it is a good idea, like, we can divide the leagues on hero level with 20 difference, 0-20, 20-40,40-60,60-80,80-100, 100-120, but it will become more like ninja with all the tiers…

Personally, I feel, that interest in rr2, is developing only towards, conquest, nd pro league, nd wars… Its good to have a few points of interests in a game, but not at the cost of making everything else boring… I think conquest is now wonderful [thanx to the devs for update 5.0 yay!!] but now, they need to focus on other things, closing down dungeons was a bad move, even without xp,gold, or anything, it would be incredible to be able to do old dungeons, like @**AwesomestKnightest   **nd others told previously, dungeons are now almost dead, as doing new ones, takes weeks for normal players, these tournaments nd leagues are also obsolete, just because they hadnt have anything new in them for ages, our devs could think of conquest, pro league, they can also think of something about leagues nd all… maybe leagues should allow medals gained only when the defense of the players participating in that league are destroyed [just an idea out of the back of my head, not for consideration, as I think this is a pretty bad idea] or maybe, they should redo the leagues, like also involving a king-vs-king battle only in the league or in the game, where there is a normal path, on one side, there is the tent, with the attacking king, on the other side the defeding king, both spawn their army, and go head to head with each other, the rules are normal battle ones…

Anyways, I got a bit off the point here,  what I wanted to say, was that, everything is good in rr2, but it can be better, way better, the developers just need to stop things down for a moment, think if giving  just 1 aspect of the game and leaving the others  is good or not,and then start the developing and improvements. Conquest, pro leagues have got their attention and they are very good, very interesting indeed, but now, its time to change their focus…

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