I just found another hidden "improvement"

Thanks! These free videos for gems were really annoying.

Luckily the Devs have removed them now. 

They got you one gem, right? Completely worthless lol


Tap Joy works great though ?‍♂️

Since there is now a limit of 30 ads you can see per day…

I bet they removed those, before some people would start complaining that there were “no video offers”.

I never got those (typical WP treatment) so it doesn’t affect me. I don’t have any other videos though and that’s slightly annoying.

Btw if I have to spend a chunk of my limited mobile data on those “offers” then that’s in no way free. Just saiyan…

Yeah, i fully agree, that this single Gem for one Video was not much, but after the “imporvement” was made that there are only 30 Ads per Day are available I could watch 10 Videos per Hour. And since Tapjoy NEVER had given me anything (and is also not replying to tickets) it was a nice way to get Gems when I have the Phone at my Desk at Work.

I criticize, that they removed it without Announcement.

Wow,  only knew about this 30 vid per day just now, lol. Usually have no offer when i got 4 chest from login bonus tap and have time to boost all building in sunday, that explain alot ?.

I only get 4~8 gems per league even if i boost all 4 farm all day because my match only give 34 medal now so 1 gems per vid is a great deal to me tho.??