I Level Up Very Quickly And I Started Yesterday!

Add my voucher code! I am in level 16-17 from the date that this post was created and yesterday I started to play Royal Revolt 2! If you want some quick vouchers, just add me! Voucher code: MHXKJJEBV

I am looking forward to seeing you! Post voucher codes below! RR2Share.jpg

You can’t after level 10 and most here are above that. There is a post already setup for friend codes to keep the forum clean too.

It’s at the top of this section under Friend and Voucher codes.

Like Will sad, get your toys and go to another sandbox :grinning:  
… and yor “topic” very slight :stuck_out_tongue:
You must try a better slogan… this one is…

just try better and… NOT IN HERE


Hello pizzahutwingz,

please use only this topic to share your voucher codes: