I like to buy War boost and Conque boost at any time like elite boost.

I would like to play a strategy for the average organization and defense in an alliance.

If we can buy whatever boost we like at any time
You can also experiment with different organizations at any time than ever before. I think that it will increase from various layers of sales of flare.

Leaders and executives of alliances are not easy to choose to go to other alliances. Please give them the opportunity to enjoy this game more.

*sarcastic mode* I like the idea of taking half of the meaning of the war and half the meaning of the Conquest out of the game too

This is truly a terrible idea

If this game is a game full of users the boost competition is meaningful.
Because competition is born.

If the number of users becomes small like now
Would not it be better for Flair to offer more types of rich boosts in search of donations to the alliance?
Including the special season boost in it can produce various surprises to usual defense.
And give the opportunity to think strategy and strategy by alliance.
Wars and conquest victories provide luxurious rewards and free boost times for a long time.

My idea is not to take half of the meaning and motivation of war and conquest.

・ Give flares the opportunity to earn more rich donation from users

・Allied users can challenge the possibilities of new organization and new defense by combining various boosts.

Flare can give you the pleasure and glory of war and conquest victory separately prepared besides boost.

I think that players are also interested in rewards as tokens, voucher , pro chest and guardian chest

Boost is a paint that colors your alliance if you say it. It is also a source of funding for this game involving real money.
And I see that I can not produce complicated pleasures with less color of paint every day can use.

The ambition to enlarge the alliance and increase the color of the elite boost paint is now lost and the saved money donated is saved. A small alliance owner has few people so matches become severe, so I do not like to make it bigger though there are no new participants.

Flare disappears from everyone and makes everyone excited about making defense that makes us think of defense every day. It also makes everyone excited about victory.
But here also eliminates the possibility of investing donations from losers’ alliances.
I am emphasizing the victory of the winner by erasing the enjoyment by erasing the choice of getting donations from them. I think this is a waste in the current RR 2 users and allied states.

How about releasing and reforming the kind of boost so as to release this and enjoy more defense and capture?
There will be some researchers who want to try new things ambitiously for any reform of defense and organization in alliance.

My idea is to increase the number of boosts using donation.

There is also an alliance that you want on a daily basis even for the boost of the special season. It is the meaning of both defense and attack.
It is an idea that a large alliance that spares donations will make a lot of donations and make more complicated defense every day.
It is an idea that a small alliance will start consultation and research on which boost combinations to activate at the event.

Flare can earn donation more than ever.
The difficulty level of the game will increase and will require further strategies.

I think there are many ideas.
In the special season boost there are things where Beast escapes and becomes useless with the roar of the wolf.
Too strong a special season boost may not be taken into consideration in this idea.There will be things that need adjustment

At first we can also guess that the balance will be difficult.
The denial of opinion which induces wasteful use of this donation is also free.

This is not good, after that what is the point of wars and conquest ?

richer alliances will have all advantages while lower one would struggle even more !

It would be way to op for defence and even offence.

And I don’t think it would mean player will give more gold to alliances, I very rarely see some doing so with gems…



Game application companies need huge operating funds. Naturally money is necessary for this game which children also plays conscientiously.

So what do you think is the product of this game “Everyone buys it happily now”?

Although I made various suggestions … … As the type of boost that tastes the enjoyment of the game increases, the alliance that surely wants to get it permanently comes out.
In this game it is the element that you enjoy it the best.
Boost is a major funding source and it is also a pleasure to color attacks and defenses.
(My alliance is constantly trying to get a surprising mummy boost repeatedly over and over again, ”It is territory adjustment” but this is clearly due to the principle of competition and the loss of fun and sales of the event, competitiveness and ambition are lost It is not a strategy, but in order to get it, there is a dilemma that this must be continued all the time in alliance warfare.)

Desire to want to invoke war special season boost on a daily basis as well.
If the boost that can be activated surely increases too much, the server may be overloaded and the user may have to worry about the problem.
But if you can overcome it, the enjoyment of studying this game will be greater. The rise in that motivation will range from upper alliance to beginner alliance.
· Accursed Tower + Gargoyle Nest + Trickster

· Cursed Cenotaph + Ruthless Pharaoh + Surprise Mummy

· Sniper Hideout + Healer Tower + Super Ranger + Ascension Archer

Is this your dream or your hell?

You can also start to cultivate towers and obstacles for a new boost collaboration.

As a motivation for a new victory, you can decide the tier layer for the alliance warfare by the number of territory.

Conquest should increase the variation of the tier group and reward more.
Each alliance will continue seeking victories and rewards based on your ability.
It is not necessary for the senior alliance to adjust the territory only for the 3 conquest boosts.