I love this english forum


I contain my rage I’d done a lot of zombie screens and thinking they can do better, I waited the boundary area to put a few hours before but I had not understood midnight but midday… * sigh *


Yeah, i also have to be very carefully to get it right :slight_smile:

12am = 00:00
12pm = 12:00
and 24:00 doesn’t exist?!

This might help you remember them in future.


PM = Pre Midnight, afternoon/evening.

AM = After Midnight, so midnight/morning.

Actually it is Post Meridiem and Ante Meridiem  :rolleyes:

I keep getting confused by 12 am/pm all the time but to be sure I doubled checked with my native English speaking friends and Mr. Google :slight_smile:

Confuse by AM and PM? You learn that in school in 1st primary. I don’t get it what change that you speak english,spanish,french or italien,etc.? the hour still the same for everyone in this world. Midnight is midnight is 12 am = 00.00. Afternoon is afternoon and morning is morning. If you don’t know that you live on another planet  

I am Canadian French and english its not my first language i don’t know what the hell that change 12 am is midnight 00.00 and 12 PM is midday 12:00

There is really a debate here on how hour work? C’mon don’t tell me people don’t know 4 PM = 16h PM or 1 PM = 13H PM etc… or 11:24 PM = 23h24 PM c’mon you learn that at the age of 5 in school 

If you talk about Time Zone that its ok its not the same for everyone. Talk about hour how that work? for me this topic is weird to be here.

12 PM mean 00:00 and is the night until 5 AM depending of where you live and you don’t know 5 AM to 11:59 AM is morning. 12 PM to 12:59 its midday. 1 PM (13H) to 4:59 PM(16:59) is afternoon 5 PM to 11:59 PM is evening    

This really seems to upset you…

thank You man yes i am 3 years old Nice idea.

its not a question that upset me or whatever. its just the fact there is a topic on Royal Revolt 2 forum who talk about what is 12 AM, 12 PM, what is 00.00,etc…seem to upset you why I find that strange. For me its very weird and strange at the age of 30,40 or 50 year old people here said they don’t know make a difference between 12 AM and 12 PM. Sorry but like I said its so strange and so weird, sorry its not normal to have difficulty to read hour. Its just my opinion on that. Everyone learn that how to read hour when you start the school around 5 year old. 



Just find it interesting you can’t ignore it. 

because its fascinating to know people have problem to read hour its just that. The same thing if tomorrow someone create a topic Why Ogre are green or i don’t know why we sleep or weird topic like that 

Wait, do you know why we sleep?

Sorry I don’t want to answer this I think you have understand what I mean if you don’t sorry 

Ok I think I found the way to explain how my perception work and how i think because that upset some people here

I gonna try to give you some example maybe that can help you to understand what i mean

Here is a topic who talk people who have problem to read hour how is confusing 12 AM and 12 PM,etc… My comment can sound strange for some people why I have answer like this its because for me its just impossible someone can have a problem to read hour because is so easy like write with a pencil or easy like calculate 1+1 its something you learn at school for me its impossible a human can have a problem with hour. For me that is on the list of thing that is impossible in this world

ok I take a another example if tomorrow someone create a topic : ‘’ How can I attack?’’ or ‘‘How to gain XP’’ its possible I can come and said something like Are you serious? for me its another thing that is impossible that happen in this world. or if you give a controller in hand of adult for me its impossible same someone who never play a video game cannot know how to play Mario and go in hole like 5 time in a row and don’t know hole = jump

Nervermind don’t try to understand me sometime my perception or my way to talk can be strange for some people in this case don’t try to understand just ignore me. My way to think its totally different of you I guess and for me its that make human different of each other

forget all of this maybe just close this topic its look like a big off topic that go in the wrong way


It’s fascinating how people like you can go ahead in that way, topic closed for off topic talk.

P.S: and also because the answer has been given