I many gems where can do?



I am many gems in my kings, can advice to me where he can spend?

Haf already a very stronk blacksmith und the tower for allied wars :slight_smile:

Raid my base while using 10 scrolls and 5 revival potions

Do that 10 times a day


Hi sirs thank you make good advice :slight_smile:


Is this for a quest? :wink:


But if I raid a million times a day i set league record and get even more :slightly_frowning_face:


Must not forget to go toilet! but I guess that goes into raiding part

I honestly think every one of us has ever done at least one raid on the toilet.


It can be challenging if you make the bombom. I once got so excited I left without wiping

Not me :slight_smile:

Too much work to bring the laptop with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have technology which lets me transmit the game into my cellular phone!

365 posts on forums old member also player of this game still don’t know how and where spend gems really ?

Ugh no, I have never ever taken my phone to the toilet, that’s disgusting!  :wacko:

Yeah one time i dropped it in and I had kebab and chili con carne the day before…

Spent a whole bottle of antibac but phone still worked

If you have extra gems then get new workers…it will help to grow fast.