i miss festival events

I miss all festivals events like last year, i personally think 2 events per year is really fun, but not every month. Because if the event is every month that would be too insane. Anyone agree with this?

I think that if not new festivals, run at least old, like ninjas and wars, they are also the same! why not give us a festival that was already there?

All for as many festivals as Flare could think  of. Minimum of one a month.

they should be in the breaks between ninja and war to fill this gap.
Or the first / last week of the month.

A festival once every 2-3 months would be just right. There’s plenty of seasonal occasions in a year to get inspiration from (you can use Cheesefest or such if you’re desperate for ideas).


I’m hoping they are working on my suggestion and revamping the festivals, and maybe that’s why we haven’t seen them in a while…