I miss the uber chests in war season

I was checking the war chests that could be won. Maybe I am missing something but where are the uber chests?

Is this a “mistake” that no uber chests can be earned this season?

Flare pampered u guys with one season only,what a joke.furthermore inside all is crap,don’t be stingy flare!

Jack, you’re missing each war’s conditions. After the release of uber chests we’ve had three seasons (counting this one). The first time one of the conditions was getting uber chests as prizes, in the second war a condition pointed more chests as rewards (and thus makes sense that there were uber chests too), but not we don’t have either of those conditions, so it’s normal not to have them as prizes this time.

Actually Karman, current war condition is more chests as well.

When did they change it? I can bet that condition wasn’t there before :slightly_frowning_face:  

Now this makes no sense, Flare is messing with us again :slight_smile:  

As usual lol