I mistakenly changed the name of my character

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Mar 24, 4:24 PM CET

I mistakenly changed the name of my character in Royal Revolt II.
Is it possible to get back the old name or create a new?
I hope we can find a solution is very important to me!
THanking you in advance and apologizing,I greet you

PS: The old name of the character is “Re Mattack Primo”
The new name of the character is “ReMattacm”


Hello, @Matteo77!

Please submit a request to our support team, as they will be able to assist you better with this issue: https://fgurl.net/help_me

I did it…thanks

Doyou think it takes a long time to respond?

Do you think it is possible to recoverthe name?


They should reply your in about 2 days. Though, they probably won’t help you with changing or recovering old ign, worth to try though, you might get lucky. 

As if they couldn’t allow renaming once every 3 months or so.

I wish the renaming option is available once per year, not just only once. Starting at 1000 gems from the third time, and increase by 1000 gems each time after that. (Am I too optimistic about the game lifespan? ?)

@Matteo77please do let us know if support allowed your name changed. Per below thread support did not allow it.

@Archimedes I am guessing I wont get a reply, but one can hope. Can you clarify flare stance on name change? It seems the support refused to help buuks to change his name back from a jumble of letters, but here in this thread you are suggesting support can help with name change. Some clarity would be helpful, since in another thread I have advised that support cannot help with name change - and there was no flare staff reply in that thread that directed the person to support.

Hello, @Fourofjacks

Please submit a request to our support team,
as they will be able to assist you better
with your query: https://fgurl.net/help_me

Good luck!

@Archimedes here you go, the answer from support, it seems to indeed contradict your statement.

Seems like archimedes probably did not read the earlier thread on this issue, and just copy and pasted the standard contact support comment.

just as the support guy below is cut and pasting the response, it is obviously directed at someone asking for a name change - where as I have not asked for a name change, only asking for information.




Frank Pagnussat (Flaregames)

Apr 2, 6:50 PM CEST


Thank you for your inquiry.

While we understand that this situation is frustrating, we are unfortunately unable to carry out rename requests apart from certain circumstances, such as in cases where an offensive username or a player’s real name has been used.

We regret that we cannot give you a more positive answer in this case.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards.






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Mar 30, 8:34 PM CEST

Hello I am trying to get some information to assist the community on the forums regarding name changes.

In this thread:
A moderator (Archimedes) directs the person to support get a name change.

however per this thread:
it seems support cannot help with name changes.

Could you please clarify if support can or cannot help with additional name changes after the one in game one is used up. This question pops up from time to time, and the community can assist flare and save support time by responding to players on the forums if we know its possible or not.

I had previously also posted to another person not to bother support with name change as it cannot be done, and I thought this was the case until Archimedes advised otherwise.In the thread I had asked Archimedes to clarify, but no response from him, nor the community manager Gala.