I need a top class alliance.

IGN: King Aditya Kumar

Player level 80

Donation 150k (250k in this week)

100% participation in all events.

Minimum 3200 skulls gained in wars.

Languages Known: English, Hindi, French.

Searching for an alliance level 45+

Level 2 Kaiser or Level 1 Phoebe needed.

Want to be a general soon. 

You won 3200 skulls in total which is less for a top Ally. Still if anyone accepted you go there and play a war. I am damn sure you can’t score 3000 even if you are talking about top Ally.  Top Ally means tough war and you can’t handle tough war right now. Better stay in where you are…and upgrade ur specs.

I said minimum 3200. I stayed in many top alliances. Still, I need another good one. I was in NEVER SAY DI3, Usachan world, Kreator, Wizards and Draygons and many more. I am really capable, even you don’t think.

They are not TOP allinace for your kind information 

I have never spoken about any top alliances. 

Check your subject lol 

Alliances at level 45 cannot be considered as top alliances.

I donate 1250k gold daily and my skull gear is at 31,9%. And during the last war season I haven’t received offers from alliances at level 80 (version 4 is coming).

You aren’t at level 80, but at level 79.

Level 80 is just one fight away. I want to get it in my next alliance. Waiting for it.

You really should find an alliance and just stick around in it. Nobody wants a Jumper in their alliance

Something happened in Kreator. They want to play as we are doing a job. There is no enjoyment there. I need an alliance where a player can enjoy and play regularly. People should understand the problems of other teammates.

Check out The Unknown Heros. They are looking for active players.


Please don’t misrepresent the facts and downplay our Kreator alliance.  We gave you a shot and the first weekend after 2 days into the ninja event a general called you out to starting fighting in the ninja event (since you had 0/32).   You replied “ok” in chat…did 1/32 fights at that point…then nothing else until the final few hours after I warned you were going to be booted…ended up at 2/32 and you making excuses you broke your hand and couldn’t play. lol

We don’t require anyone playing “as a job” as you attempted to reference, but rather a mature attitude telling the truth if something comes up to inform SOMEONE in chat.  We have members go completely inactive for a weekend with advanced notice saying “exams this weekend, I can’t fight” (simple example).  100% excused, other members vacay for 1-2 weeks…no issues with this at all.

You need to be active in the game, not just in the chats (which you were “chat-active”).  Bottom-line, is if someone informs of a reason they cannot play for a given time…this is a REASON, however if the same person does not inform anyone until AFTER the event is over, then it is viewed as an EXCUSE.

I didn’t want to drag your name through the forums here even after your poor first impression at Kreator (I explained everything to you through PM’s as this is the mature thing to do), but since you decided to call our alliance out like you did here…you left us no choice.

I have already send you a message regarding that. You don’t know.

lol, my bro ACTUALLY broke his wrist, that’s why he isn’t as active as usual atm lol…what a coincedence

você faz muitas exigências para a aliança, mas não pensa que a aliança tem exigêngcias para você, 3200 caveiras até sem bonus eu faço na guerra, você deveria upar sua torre da aliança primeiro, e procurar uma aliança e se fixar nela, mesmo que não seja alinça no top rank, e você não vai achar qualquer aliança com phoebe que te aceite assim. 


Now I am in INDIA ONE ALLIANCE. They don’t force everyone. Everyone plays by their own wish and they win every time. Playing there is not a like a job that you have to do this in limited time. Everything is going perfect.

Just stay in an alliance. Nobody will accept you if you keep jumping around!

I think you have your priorities reversed Aditya.

You want to be in a top alliance, but you don’t know what commitment is.

You want to be on the winners side, but not do anything to contribute to it.

I think @Rocky969 said everything.

If you want to be in a grown up alliance, you should grow up yourself first.

Or else, just join a lower level alliance that has the same values as you do (playing without any kind of rules).

No one every thought that him talking about wanting to be in a top alliance, but only having those stats/abilities?

250k Donations is at best low to mid level Alliance.

3200 Skulls is 3 fights without SP gear and winning 3 Skullchests.

And he expects a pheobe beast? Joking right?

And worst thing of all. He says 100% participation in all events, then we get the Info from someone from Kreatorwhich clearly indicates the opposite. And to top everything off, he himself claims that he is now in an Alliance where you can play however you like and just have fun. That is the exact opposite of 100% participation. To me it just sounds like a just for fun alliance ?

That’s the kind of player that probably no top alliance will ever accept.