I need a top class alliance.

I was about to defend him on that “top alliance thing”, but then it turns out he’s not even an active player and he was putting the blame on his old alliance. ? You’re totally right.

I mean if he can’t even complete the ninja event (which is the single most important event for building up your account), then I don’t know what else to say.

@KingAdityaKumar i see ur post on 4th july , u created ur own alliance with the name deadpool, and so soon u r out of it. Accept the fact that u r a jumper. And we see the same problem with other guys like u…who remain online bt jst dont do ninja , i dnt kno how u wil grow without pearls frm ninja. We simply kick no ninja doers before ninja ends…no freebies even in mid level alliances.

One of my general king Mathias72 requested me to be a leader because he cannot gather players get good himself. I promoted him and left because my destination is something else.

I told Rocky but he haven’t even seen the message. You don’t know everything. One of the generals told me to fight. I was injured at that very time. I said ok because I though that it will be easy to fight and I can. After fighting three more fights my hand began to pain and then my brother told me that don’t raid now. I can hardly type with my one finger and I told him. It is not as you think all time.

Well, you think I am jumper. It is not my work. I want to stay permanently in an alliance. But my work is else. I HELP ALLIANCES WITH LESS MEMBERS TO GAIN MEMBERS. THIS IS MY WORK. I HELP THEM GAIN MEMBERS. THEY TELL ME TO STAY THERE FOREVER. BEFORE I GET THEIR OFFER, ANOTHER ALLIANCE CALLS ME TO HELP THEM. Now I have stopped accepting invites and friend request so that nobody can invite me and I can stop this work.

U r a kid bro in this huge world of royal revolt u r level 79 with 1.6k trophies and u consider urself as a consultant to alliances … I wd only say help urself to grow first then help ur alliance …then think of helping other alliances…I get alliance joining requests from top alliances all the time…bt like me no mature and loyal player leaves alliances for this reason.

You think I m a kid. I have helped many lost alliances to grow back. I know the best tips to get good members which are not even known by even a rank 1 player. I have changed many alliances and gained much experience from it. You don’t misunderstand me. Whichever alliance I have made have always max members all the time. 

Bhai don’t waste ur precious time by suggesting this lost kid.

You can’t call me a kid. I have gained that experience that you can’t get after playing Royal Revolt for four years. You will feel it one day. I left those alliances because I need to help other alliances too. If you don’t believe, you can ask the leaders of ‘Beat the best’, ‘Deadpool Alliance’, ‘Deadline Apocalypse (Now inactive alliance’, ‘India alliance’, ‘MD-Moldova’, ‘Flame Tribe’, and many more.

It just makes me sad realizing the amount of alliances you’ve been through.

Never truly belonging to a place…

Never able to call an alliance… “home”  :slightly_frowning_face:

Lol…you and your sick activities.

This virus tried to infect us…but I knew the best way of prevention. I just hit the cross button 

True bhai…no alliance to call home in royal revolt is simply sad

@KingAdityaKumar, just find an alliance, settle down, and have fun. Of course, you should always attack in the war and ninja when you can. This way you can prove to yourself and others that you are worthy of a higher alliance. Work yourself up in one alliance and then you’ll have gained experience :grinning:  


I have never belonged outside other than my own alliance.

It is certainly wonderful that you feel longing for the top alliance. I truncate that choice to myself.

Will you come to my alliance? Chat can be written in Japanese, in English, in Portuguese or Turkish as you like.

If you grow up, go to your favorite alliance. As for this, I am insensitive now. so. I may be the leader that fits you.

But I will throw away someone who has not logged in for 4 days.(Cases with no contact of absence)

Do not cry if thrown away. Every user and every alliance has tomorrow.

Come if you feel like it. :slight_smile:




This is a big opportunity for you Aditya! You should join, but don’t be discouraged if the wars are too hard for you. @aslan has a high alliance and it’ll probably be hard for you. You should stick around there and just learn and grow there

I am happy now. These people of INDIA ONE ALLIANCE speak all the languages I know. Communication is good and all help each other. Alliance is of good rank and level. All the generals are friendly to me. Alliance is Invite Only so nobody will enter without permission.

You think I stayed there for my own business. Never. They invited me. I have posted many posts on Facebook about the game and gained popularity. They invited me but I never stayed in these alliances. Everywhere I was promoted to General. Even if I go there right now, they will promote me asap but I don’t. 

You went to a good alliance.
And it also became LV 80.

Every leader, general and infantry of any alliance are doing the same competition.
Please enjoy yourself with devotion. Pray for a good fight.

Thanks for your comment. I am doing pretty well here.

You shouldn’t leave that alliance. Stay there and grow and if you become a general one day, you’ll understand why it’s so frustrating to have a jumper in an alliance