I need advice on Diamond Vault XV

Today I have reached the most wanted cave: Diamond Vault XV. But now I´m so angry because I failed 3 times!!! Can someone help me with this? Don´t tell me to use scrolls because I´m a free player .

  • My stats and my combo:

  • Spells: Blizzard level 10, Shield level 8, Sonic Blast level 6 (I´m upgrading to level 7)

  • Troops: Cannons level 6, Frosters level 7

I had cleared it at Level 71 or so with scrolls since I was in urgent need back then. Here, you would require blazing knights and bladestorm or high level toxic cloud. Having speed boots would be helpful imo.

increase LV of your magic.you should pass this dungeon easy with sonic blast max and blizz.

unit knight LV 14 boosted with cannons max

boosted knights destroy any snake in 2sec.


LOL it’s gonna be a long run…

C’mon man let us be realistic. Do not try if you are not ready.

it was long time ago but I think we were having LV 8 magic max to pass this level without insta unit and zombies.

Advice: Wait for dragon froster or range cannon war boost

@Foch123 Additionally you are missing the 3rd troop slot and could have already acquired it by now by saving any Gems from the free Daily Rewards and winning the Bronze, Silver & Gold tournaments although your current strategy may be to win the 1000 gems first then buy the 3rd troop slot it will be a lot easier to win Diamond Vault XV having the 3rd slot already.

Additionally you can also buy Gems with Vouchers

Don’t worry, folks. I won the battle using Cannons and Monks ;)).

This one is not really hard. I have use Blazing Knight if you forge the speed at least at 3.00 and if use Dragofroster or Dragomancer and another of your choice I use Frenzy Frost Blaster. The Spell I have used when I have do this one : Heal,Blizzard and Swordrain but if you bring Sonic Blast and you have it at level 10 with some forge plus if your bring speed and scream can help too. you need at least 13K leadership

today with forge and new level of spell and Uber items,etc… Same a level 70 can do this one easily without problem in less than 1 minutes

Use Mumie alblaster and knight
black m. heal and sonic…

You guys can close the topic. I have already won the dungeon using Cannons and Monks.