I need an alliance that doesnt kick active fighting members in the middle of a war season while they are trying to get uber chests


So Ive been kicked from at least 2 allys in the middle of a freaking war season when I was fighting in all wars and trying to get uber chests

I need an alliance that isnt stupid and wont do that

Other reqs:

Blazing Knights 

Storm Cannons (optional)

*Doesn’t lose every war season on day one (been there done that)


I have 100k donations lvl69 1600-something trophies atm and I fight in wars

I got like top 115 or something in the last pro-league because lets be honest, pro league units suck, and spells only was a great idea

Oh yeah I need an ally thats speaks English

(No im not russian)

u can join the great tiger (apply in game or send me friend request IGN : zia009 )


Did you find an alliance?


You are welcome to join Australia. We are an active alliance with a strong core, but in need of more players who use their war attacks (and then we win!!) Last war season we had an AWESOME skull yield (I got to 50k uber), unfortunately came 4th (need more active players!!).

Currently we boost blazing knights (day), cannons (short to day), and ogres (short) (sometimes much more!) each day of war season (boost length and which boosts depends on wars ongoing / treasury state / who is on (one of my generals likes to archers, so archers is active when they’re on - I like ogres)). 1st day of war season is sometimes a little different (because of seasonal war boosts: got to choose the boosts that match up the best. But blazing knights is almost always too useful not to have).

Only I boot players (generals all know not to): and I won’t boot you if you’re donating to treasury regularly & using your war attacks (because that would be stupid++).


Team Deplorable


Hi Vladimir who isn’t russian xD

If you like to join a good alliance you can join DK: United Realms 

We are an active alliance who fight together in war and events and are always looking for people who like to do that with us! 

Currently we boost knight, canons, ogre’s, wolfs, barricades (and atm also jugernaut)

Just apply to our alliance, check our recruitment page with the link if you like and see you in game :wink:




Or you could join my alliance we don’t kick members who participate in the war season and donate to the alliance daily those are our only rules your level doesn’t matter only your participation so  come and grow with us we are Kingdom of Pain 66 we are in need of members who will stay for longer than two hours and who will participate in all wars so find your forever alliance home with us