I need lightning shield

As title, I really need lightning shield, top players they focus on lightning tower and now it can attack me everywhere, my troops useless for it, easy die

I think flaregames should add lightning shield to our amors :#

After Flare added lightning shield, a lot of people would pay gems to have the armor, lol. I think you should use Werewolfs or Orges to destroy Lightning towers because they are very resistant to lightning.


use black magic as towers do not attack ghost and replace sonic with bladestorm.Blade is very effective against cannons and elec.towers.

And of course the Pyros. They deal with LTs very well. Especially the dragons.

A team mate told me that th fire protection was also efficient against lightning towers. I don’t have any fire protection to do the test, but if someone can it would be interesting to share the results with us.

would be nice if flare actually advertised resistances fully, instead of having hidden values.  wouldn’t it be nice if firestorm actually did something to wooden barricades?  At high level ranged FS is about the only to combat LT’s.  Otherwise, crossing the U is very slow.  Shield would be nice I guess, but that doesn’t help your chain stunned army.

Wait… i have this petition thread from a year ago we can recycle