I need some help

Hey i was fixing my phone and the app now is pending , if i removed it and installed it again would this remove all my progress ? i need some answers thank you .

If you are log in to either facebook or google through this game,than your progress will be saved,and can be recovered at later stage,if not than keep the details of your kingdom,and than mail it to flaregames support staff,they will help you to get your account back.


Thanks, yeah i have it already on my facebook . and i know my email for both google and microsoft 

No man didn’t work it want me to start over and i’m afraid to log through my facebook account it may do the same , what i can do ?

On your phone, work your way trough the tutorial again. It might give you the option to restart with your old IGN. If it lets you finish the tutorial, create a new name.

Go to the RR game on facebook and transfer it to your phone, it will overwrite the new ign. 

See: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207765305-Account-Transfer-Feature for instructions.

If it doesnt work, ask flarehelpdesk to recover your account. They also need your new kings name to help you.




Much appreciated it worked thanks.