I need some hope

Are there any 4500+ players playing on windows mobile or I just waste my time? There was so many “no video” situations since I start play that I’m losing faith in being a top player.

Of course many 4500+ are on windows mobile just probably none have a Youtube Channel. About the video ads just read the topic related to the problem here on the forum. You will understand why no video 


i read lot of related topics, but there is no solution if I don’t want iOS or Android. In “no videos” periods I miss maybe 1000+ chests and Flare don’t care. Incidentally “Flare don’t care” could be the new corporate slogan.  I simply want to hear  something like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RMbAANfUJhI


I’m far from top, bit still moving up quick on W mobile, recently started finding tons of crashes though. Mainly in the dungeon stuff however.

You can get ahead without video chests, it just takes longer. Same as playing without spending a single unit of currency on the game is doable but more time consuming than just buying everything.

It’s not the end of the world, although annoying. :slight_smile:

for so long time win users hadn’t the possibility to watch any video, (when ads were introduced in game only android users could watch them) but we are still alive! ?

I’m spending money on windows, maybe they’ll see this and help everyone. lol, yea right.


yes, i remember that time (without any video) At that time, it was enough to do more. Now there are so many events where you will use boosts, that even if I play more, it’s not enough. 


What’d be great is if flare gave everyone tavern, farm, and blacksmith boosts for free without a video for 3 straight days to make up for this!!

But thanks for support guys? Time to demolish some castle ?



Problem solved. Hide me VPN + Singapore as location a voila there is my first videochest after months ?

For 3 straight days?

More like a month… Since that’s the time we’re gonna stay without video rewards.

Honeslty since the problem and the fact 4.0 arrive only around July 25th-30th. More like 2 month :wink:

A little more and its close 3 month. at August 9th