I need something beyond Diamond league ? What say Kings ?

I had a long wish that developers introduce another Tournament “Emerald League” after the Diamond League. 


What do you say on this guys. Any ideas on this . It would be fun to have additional tournament as many players have already achieved 5 stars and we need something more new to achieve and have interest on. What say guys ??? :wink:

If I say yes I’d probably get all the 5 star green (emerald) but personally I find it hard to win the league diamond  :slightly_frowning_face:

Why not, more competition= more fun!

I say ‘Aye’ but i could go to maximum 2nd place in the diamond league. For emerald league top 3 from diamond league should be selected

Yes, I would like to see top 3 in Diamond move into Mithril, Iridium, Palladium, Rhodium. Some real or mythological precious metal or alloy in recognition of achievement. Something more to aim for.

I doubt that we’d gain that much from another league: One league has to be the top of the line - be it diamond or something else.

Some time you have done it and want more or aren’t able to win it and might get frustrated. Both is true either with 5 or with 20 leagues.

It just means more complexity and confusion. And would annoy a lot of higher level players who can’t even compete in the current top league with lower level players.

I like this. But just 3 top player must select.

Word! lol

Yes, more tournaments! Have always pushed for this, glad to see others are posting about it too!

hey @bladestorm, are you jason wivart?

before that happens it would be nice to fix some of the inequalities and discrepencies first.

Yes, I am Jason Wivart

I think it would be a lot of fun to have options on leagues you enter. May be have a soccer style league with 15ish players of about the same level in it. The main aim would be to raid every base in the league just once and have the final standing from that.


I guess the problems with that would be the reintroduction of straight/empty bases to have your league opponents gain zero medals from you, as well as the time limit for the league ending.

Totally agree Need gems to boost wave like a century waiting waives. Rather rhan emerlrald. Say it galaxy league than heaven league huhahaha could win 100 000 gems huhahahaha

what about god league?

I win my League on occasion but dont care that much about it anymore. If I get hungry enough for gems I just buy the Flare Games boys a pint of beer or 2 and they ship me some. hehe

Expect the entire League system to change or be gone entirely in favor of a new “clan” type after the update so…no worrys

Hmm… don’t forget to call it “League of Legends”! :lol:


Sure some more variation might be cool… though, I guess when all those diamond-league winners get to another league, I fear that one will be crazy hard to win, with numbers of free food video offers dominating over raiding skills…


True, one league has to be the top of it. Though, when there’s another league for the best/most engaged players, then diamond league will get easier (as your toughest opponents are then most likely in the new top league)…



Seems legit! :wink:


Not too sure about that. Though, I hope that update will indeed bring some new possibilities. :slight_smile:

Diamond League>Emerald League sounds expensive… Queen Elizabeth League>More expensive… :lol:

it should be like a “pearl league” or something; to tell the truth i was surprised by the name “platinum league”. i know platinum is a very precious metal, but it doesn’t look all that nice, and never does one get a platinum medal for winning anything (e.g. the olympics); instead you get bronze, silver, or gold. so i think it would be nice if the fifth league was called a “pearl league” and the fourth a “diamond league”

Why stick with precious stones that exist in the real world? How about the adamantium league :slight_smile: