I need to join a good alliance



any good alliance leader wanna host me? I am an active player and has around 3400 trophies and my level is 75


so please let me know if any leader is interested and I prefer the low ranking alliances which their rank is under 100




You can join my alliance - AshesOfFire

I can’t find it


is the spelling correct? and how much is the gold boost?



why low ranking alliances?

He meant high ranking alliances (top 100).


My alliance is not in the top, but you might check it. Its name is Windows. You’re always welcome here.

My trophy is about 3350.

My alliance is top 5 as we speak send your user name and I will add you once you are active player and willing to donate gold to build up the alliance… It dropped the other day to 7th spot but we’re back up to 5th :slight_smile: N when my upgrades are done we should hit top three by Sunday…

My alliance is ranked 19 with 20% gold boost , anyone above the 3,000 trophy range can join. The name is 

Vahălla , message me to join or apply

pm me

You are invited to join Time Lords, oligarchs of the planet, alliance level 6 (now).

If you are already in an alliance please make sure you have the tread locked/deleted. I guess only alliances should post and not the other way round.

I want an alliance too when the update comes for iOS :stuck_out_tongue:

active player with 3700 trophies (lvl 73) 

Isa Al now feasts with the gods in Valhalla






R.I.P. — So people in that alliance are dead… so everyone now walking zombies?  I should have seen the warning in your profile pic :grinning: