I need to know several questions about the bread that is spent in battle

Hello everyone. I wanted to propose an idea, see what you think the idea. Perhaps many users, when they go to do battle against an enemy, spends long pan of the farm in a battle, I for example expenditure 155 bread, then I wanted to ask or question to see if there would be any help, or a little lower the speed that the bread rises in every battle. I hope to see me explained. and the other doubt or question I want to know is this, there is some maximum or limit expenditures on bread in every battle? that is, if for example, the limit reaches 170 of bread in each fight and already there is does not exceed more. or the bread always rise?

There’s no way to low the speed of increase in the price of bread. Bread cost increases every single level until you reach level 95, the limit is 220.

ok krman, then the limit of bread is 220, thanks, I had this doubt.

Start forging legendary helmets or capes for 3 times and see, if you get a farmer perk.
Don’t remove a non farmer perk for gems, just wait for the next legendary item to forge.
The farmer perk is pretty common on these two items and will reduce the bread costs
of attacks.

agree Mogor, thank you very much for your contribution to help me, is that I did not know how to reduce the cost of bread in the battles. Then what I saying these, serious, that when you go to the blacksmith, when you forge any layer or helmet, be lucky that some benefit regarding certain bread me out? and but I get, then I beneficiary spend 50 gems which is what is worth deleting that help you out and try out in following forging, true? that opinion give me your Mogor.

I’m not sure, if i understand the translation correctly.
Yes, you can remove unwanted perks for 50 gems
and after the next forge get a new one.
But you shouldn’t do that, because at lower levels
you get better items after leveling up very fast and
your investments in the old items are wasted if you
start to use a new one.

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