I need your opinion: Darker color grading to indicate stronger defenses - useful feature?

Hi guys,

Would be great if you could participate in this poll :slight_smile:


I personally like the light color more. Maybe beause i mostly see the dark buildings only. gg

Maybe you can bind the color on the landscape.


At higher defenses I expect bases to have max troops plus towers anyway. So for me the color isn’t interesting.

For me, when facing bases, they are a mix of dark and light, and I do indeed make decisions based on this. However, instead of a darker color, I would much rather have a different look for each level for every tower. For instance, in games like Star Wars: Commander or CoC, your towers and other stuff change how they look as you upgrade them. In Royal Revolt the only way we can tell if something is upgraded is by noticing the darker color. I would like to be able to know what level the tower is (by seeing it’s looks) to be able to deduct how dangerous it is. Hopefully that makes sense

My point of view…

It doesn’t make much difference since I only see dark color all the time 

And I don’t really feel like being aware of the level is helpful to me. Because I believe the forging is more relevant than the level now

It doesn’t matter if a tower is level 1 or max level because my spells are max lvl, so I can deal with them regardless of the color,
but if they are heavily forged… then it’s a different story

Are you trying to optimize the game? Or just asking?

Its very usefull around lv 80 and below, for example you wount want to stand near a black snake tower at that lv or decided to go back to kick bomb from a white skull tower or not.People usually dont have enough resourses to have a evenly maxed then so its quite fun to smash light color one and carefull near dark towers, a good feature for new player experience . Dont change it would be a good idea.

Also as defense is more toward perking to be strong and some topic about buff defense below i would like to propose an idea that is to give a special effect to tower when they reach +100, +150, +200 time perked. Heal aura, slow aura,…  with flying color around, flare choice. It would encourage and reward people who spent alot to forge tower also it affect the right area of strong player in defense and offense since at low lv , where less forged tower met less forged troop and spell on king so the guardian bring less affective than it would be when it help a strong , high morale and fast cd on spell king alive.

Its great units and defense tower have like 6 or more colors difference. Maybe new players or some don’t have notice white for level 1 and 2,light grey for 3-5,dark grey 6-9 and black for 10+

Can be more awesome if defense can be like Watchtower in Conquest and can change appearance

No clue but if you take by example Bomb Tower can have color change level 1 to 10 after can be the Bomb Tower change at level 11 and when maxed the Bomb Tower change for the final appearance

So let’s say a 3 or 4 form transformation appearance. Can seem not relevant for a game but trust me its something who can attract more people. In a RPG its the graphic and how the units,pets or god will look at the end who interest me. I have delete some game who offer nothing in graphical change appearance

so if you want to make version 5.0 really attractive you must try to improve the graphic a little bit.

For device I know they are limited but on PC I really hope one day Flare will push the graphic in a brand new level

Yes it will definitely help lower lvl players and make them switch between loadouts more often.

I think we need a better **Advanced Search** , currently only a few parameters are adjustable. Then we do not need any light or dark colors indicators. If I decide to attack, I have to try to fight myself through to the end and this is the same on easy or strong players ... its too late to see dark or light colors when you are in the fight. 


At low-mid levels it was a nice feature, as the difference was more pronounced, now at higher levels I don’t think I ever notice anything light unless I was pearl-farming :wink: