I seem to have lost leadership of my alliance...

Okay, I started playing this game last December (I think) and created an alliance of my own. I haven’t had much time to play the last month and only popped in to collect gold from my taverns once in a while. Over a month ago, there were only 2 of us in the alliance, and I was surprised to see that now there are 13 members including myself. That was the good surprise. The bad surprise was that I was no longer the leader of my alliance but was reduced to being just a general. Also, a couple of other members were also generals beside myself. I thought only the leader had the power to promote someone else as leader, and I certainly didn’t do that. Can someone please tell me how this happened and how I can get my leadership back?


If your account became inactive, another member would be automatically promoted to the Leader position.

The quickest solution would be just to ask Blast9952 to promote you back to the Leader position.



inactive 7 days

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t realize that it only took 7 days to become inactive.