i think flare didnt test anything

after new boost specially on defense, i think flare hasnt tested anything, some bases are just extremnely hard, if you have a big army, you have to face now the zombies, ninjas, the war boost of fbs plus towers and if you are lucky to still have an army behind you, you have to face the beast. i know im not a good raider but now for me its just too hard to beat bases. and maybe some of you will say that is normal or is fun or still easy, but i have seen videos of raiding where the heal ring is important, and i dont have that ring.  and war is coming, and im sure it will be a nightmare. so do you really think that flare test all these boosts?

I am sure they tested them out, but they probably didn’t test them with all the other boosts on as well. I’ve faced a few bases with the boosts, they don’t look that OP. Zombies go down very easily and imho, I think the only reason bases are hard is because of the amount of Necroes that everyone has now along with the Stargazer Tower Firebolt boost

Gargoyle nest is very effective now after introducing new gargoyle boost. Many boost added for defense but nothing for offense. Nowadays, max defensive boost are activated ( pro + elite+ war + conquest boost) 

you are perfectly right. heal aura and/or bomb kick aura are must have. It was mandatory to use them when playing with so called “overpowered” ceres. And i asked: how many players have those rings? ceres was just good and very good for veterans from top alliances.

It is not skill based game when its about having 1 specific item or not to be able to play. I have chloris ring and it heals 1700/s so far and it is already significant for me.

Recently a friend has changed alliance- he went to high lvl alliance (71lvl) full of pro boosts and phoebe- suddenly hes no match for me anymore. he wasnt impressive at all and without phoebe i could beat him having not much time left but with a bunch of boosts combined together + phoebe it is pointless to attack him.

elite, pro, conquest, war boosts, + conquest itself draining alliance gold in large amounts :slightly_frowning_face:

Also matchmaking- being in a war or conquest with alliance 10lvls higher?? we couldnt fight as 65lvl alliance against 75lvl.

I think main problem here is the long list of buffs and nerfs combined in such a short time + the OP firebolt tower war boost (it has always been OP and people were against me when I told this a long time ago).

And the solution is pretty simple. Stop playing, do the minimum and connect less. With ads cooldown now is even easier to stay less online. We were online for 7 days straight, so they can survive with 1 month of 0 players.

I do have those rings and I really forged my heal ring up to 118%. 

Kickback aura ring only is useful when the bases you face have plenty of skull or boosted bomb towers. So with current boosts, I expect to face more firebolt plus snake tower and maybe gargoyle tower bases.

Heal ring isn’t everything, the stargazer damage has been increased a lot, before it just tickled an ogre a little bit, when shielded. Now it really deals a massive blow. So even restoring 3.5k health per second doesn’t save your army, when 2+ stargazers explode. Best tip I got was ignoring those stargazers, by screaming and pull ogres away from them and move on. Then at least your army survives and hopefully the heal ring converts back converted troops. When choke point is secured, summon some ogres together with knights for doing the cleanup. 

If your team is fortunate to still have dracomancer, use that one. Unfortunately, majority won’t have that option. Yep, either they tested it and have done this on purpose, payback time or… which is more likely, they never tested this combination with conquest boost, plus pro firebolts. 

Next couple of days it’s hard, fortunately there are a lot of team not interested in mummy season. I even gave advice to my team to get number 6, just keep the other boosts active and save gold by not participating. Players can try, no need for defensive boosts. The new boosts will do the job, combined with stargazer. 

maybe it isnt but try to play without it with current boosts and offense nerf :slight_smile:

Yes I know, quite impossible, unless you use panda, heal, shield and other protective things. In my own base without dragons, I came no further than 27%, including use of heal ring. It tells the story, since I usually have more than 30 seconds left.

To make it even more crazy, I lost against bases where I usually have more than 60 seconds remaining. 

Only thing they forgot is to add purtrid prawler instead of turbo paladin or another defensive boost. Then it would be a real gem attracting event for defenses. Shoot, now we can expect those next time, together with other defensive boosts. 

Well, I use the Sonic Blast Aura with the Pal-a-din and Shield spell, works pretty well

With putrids it would be an event “how long can you survive defending your tent?”?

We are their beta testers, and FG don’t have to pay us a dime ?