I think I'm done...

War has started, again hearing of issues…Weeks of them, mucking around with stuff but nothing tangible coming through to keep long term players interested, I’m playing but really not caring, just going through the motions to not my team down, basically it’s become a chore,a grind, a waste of my time.

Such a shame as I love the game, but if I’m feeling like this I have to question why I’m bothering? Flare don’t seem to care, leaving everything up to @CaptainMorgan with regards to keeping us, the customers who pay their wages, informed.

The thing is, almost every player I speak to feels the same, you run the risk of the core long term players departing, players that have been here since the beginning, surely that can’t be right?

Just venting, please Flare, give us a reason to stay .

I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. Flare doesn’t care if this game dies or not. They’re onto their new projects. They’d probably be happy if it died so they could re-assign this team to Chuck Norris Zombie Helicopter Chase 2.


But honestly, only 3 alliances out of 1000 had a catastrophic failure this week. That’s … pretty not bad.

flare don’t care if all of their games die. like dumpster say will make them more happy. They wait just that obviously. That will allow them finally to use the staff into the others 30 new games

The balance we keep looking for seems to be far away.

Monster statues, cr@ppy items, useless uniques, weak invocations, forge is a mess, overall high upgrading costs/time… what is left?

OR team should start and play daily in order to understand this all. Testing top players defenses and their gk, trying the ‘luck’ with these titan chests, breaking their curses, completing unique chests challenges, finishing the odyssey on time etc. Let’s see if they’ll find it easier or if they’ll have the so called “fun”.

agree about the fun part, but the rest… It is important that there are challenges. Statues should not die too easily, uniques should be rare, collecting the resources for upgrades should involve raiding a lot, shorter upgrading time will lead to nothing-to-do-anymore.

Items and forging both were great before the forging nerf but a solution is announced at least. Most of the current frustration comes from these annoying bugs in war but also here it seems to get better now. Only 3 alliances have been eliminated from war this week, all others seem to have a “normal” war (though maybe against unbeatable opponents if they are unlucky with the drawings, but that’s another topic where FG needs to find a solution).

@AlterPapi actually there’s a lot to do with the gold once everything is maxed out. Forging, Odyssey require a hell of resources so upgrading time and overall costs must be reduced.

I badly miss the Times when I was able to play with all heroes. Now I’m stack with 3-4 heroes and that’s all. I can’t play 24h to farm gold to forge items for all heroes, to farm gold for the odyssey and to farm gold/books for all upgrades. It’s too expensive to do all at once. ?

Why should every player be able to do every thing, every week? Aren’t choices interesting?

True, there are choices, your profile picture says it all ?

Thing is if you don’t invest in the oddessy you risk getting left behind, if you haven’t already been… If you don’t continually upgrade things, the times are so long you’ll never get done. So you have to upgrade, with the hope that one day you can do the expensive oddessys. The only choice I seem ushered towards is how much I invest in forging, which given recent nerfs is quite little. 

It really is sad the way flare seems to have left CaptainMorgan to himself. But, it’s impressive the way he constantly is communicating with you guys! I rarely visit the OR forum, but when I come here I will always see CaptainMorgan helping out and communicating. I wish we would get something like that over at the RR2 forum. We need that kind of constant communication

Okay so what does galamorgan does there as I always see her there answering threads or closing them.

Isn’t she plays RR II?

But I do agree with you that @CaptainMorganis a great help to OR.If he Decides one day not to come here on forum and help players then I have no more reason to play the game.

I just hope that thing won’t happen.Ever.

It’s actually not that often that she answers. The two things you pointed out (answering and closing) usually come together. She answers on topics that are going astray or have personal attacks, then she closes them if it continues (which it always does). 


To tell you the truth, I have no idea if she does anymore. Last I checked, she was player level 30 or so and had 900 trophies, quite sad to see the CM, the one who’s gonna be talking to us about things in the game, not have an account that can know that much. But, I’m quite sure the devs informed her about the main problems and all about the game. There’s one problem to this though, if you were flare and you were trying to high a new CM, wouldn’t you ask what the person (Gala, in this case) knows about the game and what she would do to help. I mean, I would never high someone who had almost no experience in the game. Even if, after she was hired, they informed her, it’s MUCH better to have a CM that knows about the game first hand