i think nemesis price need to go down into 50k crystals

I think nemesis prices should be diwn to around 500k crystals, while developer can create pro bucky, with bucky shield ability and easter egg aura that caused blunt damage in such aura when auto transform into beast mode it will be more deadly than nemesis.

And that’s the one that worth 150k crystals, because in this reaper cup pro league flare let all player tested nemesis, and imho if bucky being made with auto  transform ability like nemesis it will be deadlier because of the easter egg aura ability that deals blunt damage and covering large aura and the autoshield ability that is when bucky is maxed the shield is stronger than max level shield spell. Btw for the pro version of bucky i think flare could add some minor healing perks to pro bunny autoshield ability to separate it from normal bunny pals. That in my opinion is worth 150k pals. Tyvm

Yes, it should go down but not to 50k but to 25k  . 

Flare should think about low level players too only bcz every high level player was a low level player once .


Nemesis is a terrible pal. I tested it out and the bombs barely do any damage at all. Its main ability is to transform into a beast, which also does little damage whatsoever and spawn skeletons. Is that it? I was expecting much more from a 150k pal. The phoebe beast is miles better than the Nemesis beast. I think 25k is reasonable, definitely not 150k.

Do we want to talk about defensive Nemesis? It will take forever to unlock!


That pal is a wasted

Seen in pro league , hardly push back bomb , his ability is not soo good as demands.

I don’t understand why all want that pal.

A reasonable price would be 50k crystals. I close an eye to not put it at 25k because it’s pal with a new total ability (throwing bombs in a cone range). But i think people shouldn’t take into consideration at 100% all what you see of Nemesis strength from this pro league, but more from your own gameplay experience if you have the chance to buy it. Because in every pro league the hero’s level is very low which is related at the end with the pal and beast strength.

I will do a video 1 day to show all his strange/special abilities as soon as i get enough crystals.


Flare, can you please give oPelle those 150k Crystals to make a proper Video?

He surely deserves it for the good work he did for the community. Plus, @FTB seems to be broken these days…?

Who among you did 10 in PL? You do not want to see her on the path, Phoebe is enough.

was not able to see the beast in level 10…was is nemesis beast…?


Yes, it was.

I ran the level twice because the bastard killed my army like nothing.

I think he keeps spamming bombs and even apocalypse, just like Phoebe beast.

PS: In my opinion, the purpose of this pro-league was not to convince the players that Nemesis is good (because I don’t think it is).
It was to show us that  Nemesis Pal Beast  is freaking OP! That one really is.

There was nemesis on 10-12. Was able to beat the one at level 10. Compared to Phoebe in the pro league, it’s pretty much the same, when it comes to damage

Not at all nemesis must be in 30k range 

It is not that good. 

?It should have better damage .

If it wants to be in 50k range . 


Nemesis is like normal pals, 

It should be given to all , free , in a normal Daily pals chest .

Then see , nobody will use it Ever.