I think the community needs a pro-Liga teacher

Any brave teacher? It is appreciated that some warrior records his pro-league attacks and upload them to YouTube from level 7. It would be fine, several videos, since we want to learn. Do you teach us Each time it becomes desperate to spend gems for this result as painful as mine. THANK YOU. :wink:

There is a guy named Turk Kardesler on YouTube, and he does all… I will ask him to post his videos on forums too…

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ssshhh Guys, we should not discuss these things in forum. Then Flare will know about this.
But you can get so many videos on you tube. Get it’s English name and search, you will find it :wink::wink::wink::wink:

thank you brother. :wink:

jajajaja. :rofl:

Thank you brother. :wink:

Thank You KingAdityaKumar. :wink:
It is good so, it is good. … this warrior is really good. :wink: Thank you. :wink:
Link Youtube.

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