I thought this was a festival

I’ve mentioned in another topic that I got 1 voucher in a festival chest (and it still isn’t explained how it got there). Today I drew this:

Really, flare? 80k on a festival map? Really? What’s next, 20k? What’s the point to the festival then?

You done failed this time, flare. :angry:

Is it possible that you also dropped some trophies?

In the last festival I had less than 4000 trophies (down from the usual 5k) and all festival opponents barely had any gold for me, just like that one in your image.

I thought the same as Arrembimba, it looks like the enemy is far weaker than you - 34 medals only.

I most times get 34 medals, but gold is still okay.

And it’s known I am dumping trophies on a regular base.

I did drop trophies but I’m in my usual “dropped” rank (2800-2900), same as for any other festival, I may have even had less trophies at times. But I never had such low gold bases before in any of the previous festivals no matter where I was ranked.

I figured festivals just yield an additional 200-300k gold per raid, regardless of all other factors but from what Arrebimba says it may not be the case, which is disturbing. It would mean deep down festivels aren’t really much different than regular raids goldmath-wise, which defeats the whole purpose of festivals.

I found too the gold is pretty low in this one. Normally during festival I do 1.2M,1.5M or 2M. Now I just get opponent at 350k,400k or around 480k who give me 800k or 900k. Still good but not like the last one with the Pro festival where I have  collect over 60M or more

I can tell you that in the beggining of this festival I had around 5550 trophies. All festival raids were for 600/700/800k gold.

I dropped to 5400 trophies (not on purpose) and now I’m mostly getting 300-500k gold.

Yea there is a gold shortage…

I remenber a few festivals ago, you could always find like 500-600k gold minimum.

Come on guys, I got 21,000 gold in a festival base today! ?

Better raid conquest, 800k gold?. Festivals I even got 1 time 20k.

I don’t even care what gold they have just need to learn the art of the trophy drop. ??