I throw challenge to royal revolt to farm 7 million for upgrade in windows phone , If he is real king

If royal revolt will say higher level king is required , i will wait.

But just say that it is possible to farm 7 million for upgrade in windows phone without using long time(short time won’t work) shield.

Higher king level can only reduce your loot. This is really a strange game where with your progress in the game, the cost of food increases even though your food producring is not. Level 70 king already needs 163 food and 800 is max silo and 4 farms max at 200 each. I guess by the time you reach lvl 75, may be you are required 200 per attack which means max you can do is 4 attacks from silo and 4 farms full. Incase you are lucky to get some food from fortune chanmber you can do one more. Other wise you wait. 150k is the average gold you get from each battle so max you can think is getting 1.2mil + some more from taverns(Thier money is also part of loot so you never get the 312k from max tavern you expect to get). Currently my max is only level5 firebolt and I needed 4mil to upgrade it and my waves now need 3mil each to upgrade. With no FOOD reprive in sight, not sure how much I will enjoy incoming months. Increasing food is a major headache. If it is being tied to hero level, then it should not be more than twice his level. That way, level 120 will be max 240 and at my level 70, I should be at 140. Also, it feels so wrong that food for one attack can be more than max from a farm. I believe 200 should be the max cap. That way if you upgrade all farms and silo, you are still guaranteed 8 plays. The only upside of being a Windows phone player is that your survival skills make you a much better player. I belive Windows players are the most skilled players if they reach the top 1000.

Paras , it is possible to farm 7m gold using free shield + one day gold shield with gold boost items.Without shield it’ll take you around 3days.

Fii nami, without shield it will never reach to 7 million.

And there isn’t one upgrade that is for all towers which are 16.

Arbalester also requires 7 million upgrade.And i think in future,it will increase. If i will use shield for every upgrade, I will be out of gems in no time.

Well if you’re not willing to wait and lose some gold then of course you’ll never get 7 million.I got net 1.2m from one raid session usually , thats 6 session for a 7million upgrade.The most would be 8 session.I know its tiring and took a lot of time for just one upgrade but what choice do we WP8 users have ? I’m just saying that it is possible , not that it is easy done.


I’m one of windows phone user.

I agree with this statement.

Windows phone user more difficult to upgrade because we can’t get food from fb friend.

I hope flaregames would find solution on this matter.

I too always use gem shield to achieve upgrade amount.

Will going to bankprut if this countinue.

Sorry for my unfluent english

as a windows player myself. . upgrading my farm and tavern to maxed level is a must.

in that way I could raid more and loot more golds.

and be able to to bank 12M in one day gold shield.


Proper planning is a must. and you need to spend more time looking and searching for an opponent

who will gives you more than 200k golds.

Like zoelicious said , its the planning that matters.I consider Windows Phone king to be more skillfull or tactical in this game due to the limited resources we had.If you actually play every 6 hours , the loot actually reset and you could find 500k base two three times using matchmaking in one session.

I can get 10M from 3 level 9 farm + 1 day Gold Shield.

For Max Silo + 3 level 9 farm I usually get 2M - 3M. But I seek base with 200K only.


Yes, I play on windows phone.



I agree with you Fii Nami. Windows player are more tactical and tough, because of our limited resources.

IOS and ANdroid players they don’t care upgrading their farms,

some of them are already level 70 and above yet their farm are just level 9 or 10.

so when Fb invites gone… they cried like a baby.

I really2 envy to ios and android user for fb invites food.

I have more than 500 fb friend actually.

I hope flare can give more gems not 1 for using spell maybe like 5 hehe…

Well i think time for swipe my credit card again hiks…hiks

There isn’t facebook invites anymore. The function has been changed. Now we gain food by watching ads but sadly its limited.

I know that I will get 7 million in 3 days but I have 8 workers and they will pass time by playing rr2 in their sell phones most of time.And I don’t like to see them free.

I have only 3 workers…

Sorry to hear that.

atleast 5 workers shud be there in a kingdom.