I Told You This Would Happen

Posted 04 July 2015 - 12:27 AM

The current system of spreading the big five alliances out among the first three war maps ruins the game.

Those five alliances ( already the strongest) will continue to gain fifedoms and get stronger and stronger with the increase in special boosts power.

While all other alliances will be capped at whatever fifedom level that gets them on a map with the big five.


Six weeks from now the big five will have 100 fifedoms and everyone else will still be stuck around 40 with no chance of ever closing the gap.

I can’t believe Flare doesn’t see what’s happening.

At least the way it was when maps were determined by fifedom level the big five had to fight each other with a chance to lose fifedoms and the others had a chance to gain a few on them before they reached their map and had to take their lumps.



I posted this six weeks ago and low and behold this is exactly what has happened.  Flare must not pay much attention to what is going on in the game.


You are right, I agree, their doom gate is hard as hell to raid. But there are 4 of them, not 5. RL, SK, and Apoc have maxed doom gate and mummy, with Nato right behind them. On the topic, the current system is your classic “the strong get stronger” situation. As they get more fiefdoms, they become harder and harder to fight, while at the same the people they fight get weaker (Due to losing fiefdoms to them) and as they get harder to fight, they win more fiefdoms, which makes them stronger, which makes them harder to fight, which wins them more fiefdoms etc. A cycle that can’t be broken, since at the same time, they refuse to challenge each other.


What are you gonna do, right?

I think he also included VL to the top5, and indeed they are the alliance with by far the 5th most fiefdoms. And I know from previous seasons and topics they were rarely matched with SK faction alliances in the last couple of months. 


Anyway, the main complaint by jkb here, which I heavily agree with, is that, unlike everyone else and against the official rules of the match making, top alliances are NOT matched by fiefdoms anymore, but by either random, or manual “by hand of developer” match making, which sucks greatly.

Before, SK, RL, Apo, Nato could of course cooperate, but they were on the same map and only the 2 non-SK-alliances with the most fiefs at a time would face them, and they themselves (starting with 12 of the 18 fiefs on the map) could only gain 1-2 fiefs each on every season, slowing their progress down in exchange for their non-attacking-pact with each other.

Now, in contrast, any of the top20 or 30 alliances can face them as they are distributed among several maps, facing clearly weaker opponents with half the fiefdoms they have, and being able to easily gain +5 fiefs each season. And it is still possible to get 2 or 3 cooperating SK faction alliances on your war map, when you have 40 fiefs less than they have. 


Thus, to answer your question…

…I’d simply say: Flaregames, obey the match making rules of your game and stop this mad against-your-own-rules match making at the top! That should already help a lot… 

But I don’t think it remains stagnant. The lower level alliances will pull fiefdoms up from lower level alliances slowly. So if, say, that most amazing alliance HUNS nabs 3 fiefdoms from Colors of Hawaii (who invited the great HUN called Adjudicator). In doing so, HUNS pulled 3 fiefdoms into the top. (CoH is very low-ranked, but I’m only using this as an example). Whenever an alliance ranked 30 or better nabs fiefdoms from an alliance ranked 100+ (which happens!), there’s little chance that alliance 100+ will ever get those fiefdoms back. And the lower alliances get more fiefdoms from even lower ones as well. And slowly fiefdoms build up as alliances come in and out of existence. It makes sense: all of the Top 30 alliances now have way more fiefdoms than they started with. All top 30 alliances will eventually have 100 fiefdoms. Then the fun begins. It will just take a while.


The question is, What comes after all the top alliances get 100 fiefdoms in Alliance Wars or max the boosts? Truly, when all alliances in the future are mostly equalized and the playing field is level, the game will have to rely on strategy more and more, and hopefully Flare creates a game with many, many more ways to be clever in war, with bases, and with towers/troops/obstacles than ever, without letting people cheat. At that point, this game will be really, really good, because right now it’s still about leveling up everybody and their alliances, which takes a lot of grinding and less strategy.


Summary: Push for more creativity and let Alliance Wars play out. In the next 6 months, a lot of formerly mid-level players are going to swamp the high ranks. The only way to differentiate then will be strategy, and this game could use a whole lot more of that by the time those players get there.


If you disagree with this post, you’re dumb. (Just kidding! I love you guys! Much love to all you RR2 forumites! Keep stealing my gold, friends!)

Sure, top30 alliances have now more fiefs than at the beginning… though, at the end of this season e.g. we (Todesritter) won’t have more fiefs than we had 2 months ago, while (thanks to non-fief-based pairing) the top3 alliances have 40 fiefs more than 2 months ago, and other alliances that were clearly lower than us on fiefs 2 months ago are now even slightly higher than us, because they had (thanks to non-fief-based pairing) way easier opponents most of the time, despite gaining fiefdoms. 


Now you may argue Todesritter probably just suck, but we won season1 (and several other seasons) and for as long as the matching by fiefdom count was intact, we were constantly alternating between the top6-fiefdoms map (losing a few fiefs to SK faction) and the next-lower map (winning / getting well-ranked there and gaining many fiefs), proving we indeed were among the little group of the best non-SK-faction alliances.

But when you basically repeatedly face the top6-fiefdoms map despite not having top6-fiefdoms, losing more and more (or not gaining any, on the long run, while others do gain many), then the “matching by fiefs” is clearly broken. 


I don’t mind being e.g. rank 10 on fiefs when we lose against rank 8 and 9, but when I am ranked 10th because 90% of the time I get to fight rank 1 and of course lose against rank 1, then this sucks. The best should fight the best, and those who lose (showing they’re not the best) shouldn’t continue to be matched with the very best while others can collect rewards on easy opponents and pass you on rankings. 

By now, a couple more very strong alliances have formed / evolved, to some of which we might very well lose some battles, but I can’t even judge if they’re stronger or weaker, because I rarely face them when surrounded by SK :wink:


And nobody can tell me that “matching by fiefs” is intact, when we face alliances with 40 more fiefs than we, while alliances with 20 fiefs more than we aren’t paired on the same map. Still, flaregames doesn’t admit it’s broken or changed, and doesn’t even see the necessity to comment on the situation for several months now. 


Don’t worry, you will see Immortal Legends with many fiefdoms very soon :grinning:

here we go again

all that war system is sucks. And no one comment from FG

What the **** are you doing?

we are ~top12 alliance, and long ago forget about normal war. Just spit and forget about this useless garbage.

Just lose one season and you get level 30-40 alliances to beat them 100% - the best idea

Win one season to get TOP5 on the map - bad idea.

WHAT THE HELL? This was the idea of developers?

Remove this wars from the game. Who need this shit?


Don’t worry I didn’t say you were complaining. I was just saying that IL are quiet, and very strong now.

so this am todes are ranked 31. they are down 13 players. heroes is helping out swedish crown i wonder who in the 2nd tier is facing the absent todes . poor guys will probably get no fiefs this season.



You complained a lot about Flaregames not reading you, and not caring about what you say…

I read about all your concerns, however since I am not very advanced in the game yet, I never experienced it myself. (I plan to do it as soon as I can)


I plan to do two things on Monday:

  • Starting a topic to gather ideas about the skull bonus pool

  • Starting a topic to gather ideas about alliance wars


It will be only one post per person, and each topic will remain open for one week.

For discussing the ideas on these topics, there will be another thread for each.

At the end of the week, I would start a poll with these ideas in order to see if we can do something about it.


Would this sound fine with you, so we can try to come up with a solution all together?


Thanks anyway for reporting us these troubles, and thanks for your interest in the game! :slight_smile:

Almost 300 k skulls? Lol it was not us. But yeah, we lost against IL, but proud to lose against someone strong, and not complaining. That’s what I wanted to point out. IL don’t complain like many other alliances. They just work hard to build a strong alliance, and that’s what make them different from all those complaining alliances :grinning:

Lol, I tought you were in IL yourselfs and was giving your own alliance a compliment.

I’m from Nato, it’s written in my signature :stuck_out_tongue:

Being surrounded by 3 SK faction alliances it’s no use fighting there, we’ll end with 0 fiefs anyway, why waste my time fighting there? 


So yeah, I took the opportunity to visit TSC, where I have some friends, and take a look at how the game experience is at a bit lower trophy levels (about 4.1 - 4.2k mostly unboosted, compared to my regular 5.0 - 5.1k with boosted base).

And true, I did raid in their war, but all I did was 3 raids, as almost any active player can do with ease and is expected to do, and I also did not change my base (optimised for use with various boosts not available in TSC) to give our opponents a chance of beating it (and many succeeded, most of them scroll-free). And as TSC currently has 5 empty spots anyway, I really don’t see any evilness in that action of mine. Explain it to me if you can. 


Anyway, we might have friendly relations to other alliances, but on a player-to-player base, not alliance-to-alliance, and no fixed war-agreements.

So when we face hilariously-matched seasons like this week, as well as during some season breaks, many of us take the opportunity to do a visit to some ingame friends once in a while.

Some because they like raiding in a war that isn’t already lost from the beginning, some because they have 2nd accounts somewhere in some lower alliance and want to help out the friends there with a few 500k daily donations, some just like to take a break in lower-trophy-fewer-boost domains and do some fun random raids on match maker with troops never used in high-lvl gameplay, some want to chat and give advice to other players. 


And, to be honest, with war pressure, you can’t do that on a “normal” season, so you can only visit other alliances during war break or already-lost seasons. So yeah, many use the opportunity. 


Surprised that Todes still have an ingame life outside war? Well, a few months back, anyone had that. Think of it. 



Anyway, it’s funny to read you complaining about me complaining about broken game mechanics. Applying the same behaviour, I should probably have said “shut up and stop complaining” to all those complaining about spell bugs or bugged wolf howl? No? Then don’t do it here either. 


And you may be surprised, but I even have a few friends within the SK faction alliances, and even they say the matching of Todes during recent months compared to some other high lvl alliances was extremely bad and definitely not based on fiefdoms. 

And for as long as “by fiefdoms” is the only criterion for match making, while at the same time it is proven that for months this is not the case in practice, and also Flaregames did/does not mention or comment anything on it, I will consider the top-lvl war matching as broken and rightfully so - if not, give proper arguments instead of unspecific “don’t complain, work harder” nonsense. 

I mostly gave examples from Todesritter, because it happens I just am member there and thus know our season opponents, while I am not member in other high lvl alliances obviously, and thus can’t give detailed examples of their matching. That does not mean only Todes are affected, just that they are one of affected alliances, among others, some of which profit from it, some of which get punished by it. 


And for as long as Flaregames don’t even comment and explain the proven-to-constantly-break-official-game-rules phenomenon of top lvl war matching (and clear up whether it is a bug, an intended but kept secret change (why?), or something else), which is the least that everyone in high lvl alliances can expect, I won’t just be quiet and accept people telling me “it’s all right”.

Maybe, in a year this might have levelled out, maybe not. But when someone says “hey windows players, you’ll need a year longer because you have no food videos, but never mind, in a year it’ll be balanced out as the others have nothing left to upgrade”, all windows players will say “you can’t be serious”. So when you tell me that top alliances at some point will face a fiefdom limit and can’t get further, so you will start to catch up over time as soon as 50 more alliances are above you in fiefdoms with easier opponents, then my only answer can be “this can’t be your serious opinion about the problem”. 

And just to repeat once more, while it might be hard to believe without experiencing it, it is clearly proven that top-lvl match making for wars is repeatedly violating the “matching by fiefdoms” rule that is the only rule for match making and valid through all of RR2. 


The “simplest” solution for Flaregames would be saying “yes, we removed the only matching rule, for top lvl match making of best [number] alliances measured by [fiefs/trophies/?] only, because [reasons] … and the new rules for top lvl match making are [whatever they in fact are]”.

Then we would all know why the change happened, wouldn’t feel so fooled and messed-with and ignored, and would all know what the rules actually are.

We might still discuss if the rules are good or bad then, and whether or not we would the original rule back, but currently we can’t even discuss them at all (don’t even try it), because the actual, de-facto rules are not even known by any player at all. We do not even know whether there’s a rule at all or just pure random match making. We don’t even know for sure whether or not it is all just yet another bug and nothing that was actually intended. 

And I don’t want to play when all I know is that nobody knows the rules, and it ain’t even sure if there is any rules. 

i like you the part about me complaining about you complaining made me spill my coffee. i laughed so hard. i wont complain anymore about youre complaining.