I took advantage of this event

I already took advantage of the blacksmith event and I’m not talking about the insta-meltdown bug. 

I was near getting my 3500 gems reward for having 10000 pearls while spending gems (“Pearl diver” I think). Before the event, I took a screenshot of the reward pie chart, opened it up in my design software to calcultate what was needed to get it. I did some math using the pie chart and determined that I needed about 700 pearls from gems. 

I already had 1400 gems so I spent them all on inventory slots (got 7 of them at 50% each). The payout was 5 pearls for each 10 gems spent during the event (instead of the usual 3). I finally got my 3500 gems reward. Which was exactly the cost for the 6th blacksmith slot (-30%).

So guess who bought himslef that 6th slot ! ME !

Smart Work!

Congrats man :wink:

I’m far away from those 10k pearls. Need more than a quarter. That would be about 7.5 k gems
to spend. Nethertheless i collected those 3500 gems over time and bought my 6. slot, too :wink:

That’s how I could also afford 6th slot. by completing that quest a while ago. Congratulations.

Wow, congrats Schmouck! I think I still have around 20% of that quest to go.

Are you all happy now?

Blacksmith Event really rocked some loud mouth.

That picture says more than a 1000 words. Clearly something has not been tested at all, before activating the event. What can I say more?

Now MrSchmouck Tel me how did you took advantage of 0sec? In this event.

Any other ?

Thank you friend…

Nope, I was still sleeping. it was 3 or 4 am when the events atarted.

You were sleeping while the history of Royal Revolt 2 was being written. Do you have any idea what you missed just by sleeping…?

You slept through 1 years of gap…

Me too, therefor we lose 10’s of thousands of pearls.  Seems fair though.

You didn’t loose anything, just like me. Other took advantage of this bug and I’m fine with it.