I tried not to...but im now complaining. (with reason)

Edited at 1417 hours to add this post. They have sent out updates that are supposed to be coming and if they do it right I’ll be pretty happy.



Let me start by saying I hate negativity it eats at people and ruins things, especially a game. I have tried hard to keep my posts positive and keep a positive atmosphere on our own alliance chat we have on Line app. That being said…be ready for a rant. 



OK. Its eating at me now. 

I built a well rounded city upgrading defenses and troops. I also put a lot of effort in Blue Line, woop woop!, and making it a decent place to be. That being said maybe some of this is my fault for spending to my of free time playing this game.

I was able to maintain steady growth throughout the game. Changing defenses upgrading new buildings trying different blessings and designs. Then the “balancing” changes came. I didn’t complain on the forum even though they were garbage, I was one of the few who didn’t get hit with the glitch and actually stayed about the same (with a large use of gems to keep attacking) and then after the fix was changed I climbed to 2,950 trophies. 


Then another change! New levels for gold bonuses from your attacks, supposedly a different system for matchmaking that was more balanced (hahaha wtf ever) and some lower level players were “adjusted”. 


Well guys, its a been slow but steady decline for me and most members in my alliance since then. While I do see a general decline in trophies for everyone its getting to the point that I can’t keep up or come even close. As of this edit, I forgot to originally include it I am at 2,410 trophies. 


  1. I am level 65, 22k dominance. I have 6 heros.

  2. Hercules is garbage and completely ineffective at this level. He has two spell slots…one of which totally upgraded does jack for damage to anything. 

  3. I am frequently and on a regular basis losing 10-24 trophies. (Insert repeated complaint on no idea why or a replay of defense losses)

4.My map is covered in people blessed to the max that up to 25 levels higher than me. Yes, 25 freaking levels higher, lvl 90!!! I never see anyone lower level than me and normally they are at least 10 higher. I haven’t seen a level 60 something in a few days now. Most of the guys however are now netting me 3-6 trophies. If I lose, even a 2 key loss I lose more trophies 4-8. These guys require invocations and in some cases I still can’t win. 

5.Due to gold earned being based mostly on attacking and due to the issues above I can attack a limited amount of times a day unless I want to keep paying to attack. So since I can’t attack I am now running short on gold. To the point I can’t keep my workers going and can’t afford upgrades. 


So what would you do? As a game developer or player what would you now do? I can attack a few times a day. Due to me being forced to fight players much much higher than me I have found it hard to win. Which makes sense. A player in the 80’s can have a wall 2 levels higher than mine. Towers higher and troops higher than mine. A longer path and more frequent troop deployments. 

I applaud these players that have found a way to set up a good defense and it works for them. However, my alliance is not filled with guys who want to pour tons of money into the game but are willing to spend some. We can’t afford 6 blessings to max out our defense. 


You’ve got to change this freaking trophy system. It does NOT work. Here is an example on why.


Its based on level and your trophies.

Top level players (level 1) fight other top players the trophies move around but there are no new trophies from anywhere generated say these are the level 85-100 guys

Below them say 70-85 (level 2) attack the level 1’s and take trophies from them

Below that are (level 3) 55-70 who attack level 2’s

Below them are (level 4) 40-55 attacking level 3’s

Below them are level 5’s 30-40 attacking level 4’s

Then you have the level 6’s guys 20-30 attacking level 5’s here is why the system really doesn’t work.

Level 1-20 is garbage and easily blown through. I made a second account on my wives phone and got to level 20 in a few days. Most of these accounts here will go inactive and new players wont be able to beat a level 6 guy who has maxed out his defense. While the intent is to make your attacks harder and harder to have you give up trophies to higher level players the defense, except in cases where they greatly out level you. Just isn’t possible. As long as there are people who are willing to spend 20 gems an attack to kill your base there is nothing you can do (again except for in the cases ive described)


I really would give 2 nickles about the trophy and ranking if it wasn’t directly attached to the gold I need to keep moving. If I can’t upgrade and it just feels harder and harder to progress the game isn’t fun. If the game isn’t fun then Ill stop playing. If I stop playing my alliance will most likely fall apart. If that happens a lot of those guys would also stop playing. Meaning a top level alliance with many top level players (who are all p2p) will all be gone from the game. 


I don’t know what happened, when I first started playing the game was fun. You got new islands, changed defenses had new defense types and it seemed fun. I had no complaints. I spent $300 so far on this game. A lot of it went into my alliance. I have never done that before. I have never spent so much money on a game in my entire life (im 31). I have played games that I played off and on for years and still didn’t put this much into a game. However, the fun is gone and now I just find myself frustrated. 


I don’t know if I ranted for too long but here are all my concerns. I wont repeat them and this will be the only time I post about it. Hopefully it matters. Good luck and good gaming.


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Very well said. It sums up the frustrations lots of us are feeling rather well.

all our comments are ignored, havent seen a single reply all day long!!

You know it must be bad when there’s not a dev in sight.

must be very bad if the most positve player starts to complain!! just kiding bleu

Feel the same way…Cheers guys.

In same position as above; have spent more money than I cared to. Will likely not continue playing if The current status quo persists. 

I think itunes is on their side because there is no new review in itunes about this game, only old reviews ,at that time there was less issues so now  that this is out of control there is cero review about the game  ??? itunes loose mony too 

I’m editing my post to show their reply earlier today reference game changes


Kudos. More changes coming soon. Some good some bad. http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/28388-upcoming-changes/