I understand all of you very well.

Hello dears

I understand all of you very well. Most players are very disrespectful to some of the attitudes of our friends. 

yes every company can have problems and crises in every management. sometimes even sad consequences can arise due to these problems. 

no one is positive and does not produce better solutions.  we are all a family here and we must support each other. 

I mean exactly, if we dont approach the developers well, we can not get good solutions.  I think the developers are not happy with these issues.

my super-player friends who have given years to this game should create a crisis table and negotiate problems with developers.

if the sounds come from every head, the developers dont concentrate on the problems.

I think that by patience and empathy we can all get great victories. 

Most of the time, the world is not perfect, should we give up the god?

I agree that while we complain, we need to also come up with solutions, but we need answers from flare and we need them to stop making so many mistakes! As you said, we must support each other, but once again, we can’t completely do that without help from the developers! Madlen’s doing a fine job, but she can’t do it all by herself. Flare said they would have the devs communicate more with us, but so far, I haven’t seen a dev other than Madlen post on anything!

Thank you so much for understanding me. @Madlen is trying to do your best. 

I am confident that this crisis will be resolved as soon as possible. developers need support and faith for all of us.

I was very happy about your beautiful thoughts. ?

thanks dear

_ After that I will not comment on any topics anymore. _