I used pearls wrongly

I used pearls wrongly please  help me.I thought blacksmith event started and i use pearl only 5 items skull perks.Can you restore it? Please  im waiting for this event like a months please.

I thought it was going to take 23 hours, but 23 hours after the start@GalaMorgane @FTB.

I only use pearl this items.

Can you restore it? Please please i did mistake huge mistake please  help me

About 20 minutes ago i did it.

What the hell… This is very sad. I hope falre will help. 

Don’t think that they will restore it, cause it’s not their fault. It would also be unfair. Then everyone could ask for it

They can  look i did use about  30 min ago when event  start i use pearl

Only 5 items skull perks

First  time i did mistake like this. And im playing  this game like a 2 years. I hope they will understand  me.Just think my side guys.

That’s indeed sad. Making it worse, you forged them all 5  and did not see 8 days and 7 hours after every successful forge. I mean, cool down clearly says 8 days 7 hours.

After first forge you should be aware of that. I hope for you Flare helps, but I fear they won’t do a thing, since you should have seen it after forging first item. Otherwise they need to lower cooldown for everything already in cool down.

I see it from your point of view, but in this case I would say, lower cooldown of stuff forged also to max 12 hours. Then everyone can forge what he wants. This is suggested multiple times, but always ignored.

I also have stuff in cool down, like my kickback aura ring with skull perk. That will be ready 12 hours after start of event. Try to understand that when flare helps you, they have to help everybody else. I think flare will tell you to spend the gems to skip cool down. Unfair? Yes, but it is what it is.

During this war season, you already benefit from the few skulls extra, so just turning it back is not really fair.

I feel sad for you, that must feel horrible! Though, I don’t think they can help you. They cannot simply remove what you did and restore your pearls (at least I think they cannot), they could give you gems to speed up all cooldowns, in this case almost 6k so  I don’t think they will, that would be unfair to anyone else in the game. Also, like mentioned above, it was not their fault you did it (due to false announcement for example) so they do not own any compensations for your mistake. I feel sorry for you though, what happened to you sucks.

Thank you guys really  <3 and my friends did same mistake. He did use pearly all towers he thought event start. I mean he think  like me… i hope they will help me i don’t  want my pearls i just want to restore it my cool down.

This is so painful… I’m sorry you’re going to miss out on the whole event with your skull items (unless you speed it up with gems).

If i have gems i will skip cooldown but i don’t  have enough gems. And be honest right  now i don’t  have enough money. I really  don’t  know what can i do. I swear i though event started and i pearl 5 items. I don’t  lie.

Painful lesson learned :wink: Not reading the announencement carefully and not noticing after the 1st forge that cd is not 12 hr as it supposed to be. For the future you will know better! :wink: Anyway, as I said I don’t think thet FG will help you, though, if you want to try I guess better would be sending a ticket to support team rather than asking on forum.

I’m already send ticket.i really  did huge mistake. But first  time i saw" event  will be start" i dont  think  event  didn’t  start. 

Congratulations! atleast you can earn one more skull for your alliance in current war :wink:

What’s so funny ?

Make fun of ? If you dont want  to help please  leave this subject. Thank you otherwise i will report  you.

Lighten up. The only way to have anything done about it is with a ticket anyway, not by asking around on the forum.

Nobody can help you here btw ?

Look at it from the bright side… all the items apart from Chucunya can be replaced by better items.

Here’s some suggestion for replacement:



Ares Belt (you can get scream 33.33 with this belt instead of your current one. Together with the double scream pauldron, you can get 100% scream with just 3 perks from items)




Diamond Ring with heal aura (wow I can’t believe you are doing war raids without an aura ring)



Corpse Shackle (increased attack speed during scream is way more useful than attacking slowly with ice damage)




Chloris Cape

Way better speed if that’s what you are looking for.



It’s a blessing in disguise. Time to find replacement for those items.