I used to like playing this game before the gargoyles

Gargoyles are ruining this game, I dont need to explain much people knows what I’m talking about.

I suggest the administrators to increase the gargoyle morale points.

If other players thinks the same, support this topic

Swordrain spell is a nice counter to them. Make sure to have it in your spells before you attack bases with high level gargoyles.

swordrain, stun, knights aka gargoyle cannonfodder and hero shout in the right moment are quite effective against them but all things considered I have to agree.

wave after wave of kamikaze spam doesn’t improve the gaming experience :confused:

Rudy, I agree with you.

I know swordrain is a good spell against gargoyles but we also have to defeat other troops and destroy towers.

A single wave of gargoyles can drain 75% of your health or worst kill the king.

I cant separate from my troops now and clear the path, it’s just ridiculous and annoying.

I know players that used to be in the 3400-3600 trophies range and now are 3900 up in just a week, and this is because is hard to get a victory from them know.

This is my point of view

if your fire is on when they hit you they get killed also.

personally i think a small increase wouldnt hurt since they do the most dmg of any unit in the game. but even if we raised it to say 6 points a 50% increase it wouldnt stop many people from being able to use swarms of them just might cut the number down by one in high level bases. my personal idea is to slow their diving speed a bit since ive had 20 frosters all gathered and only manged to shot down 2 of 6 and still lost most of my frosters lol

swordrain is a counter - yes but continuous waves cant be stopped. cd will be a problem and one mistake, one missed swordrain and one wrong timing and its all over. esp in front of the gate… attack it gargs spawn dead… 

by the time im at the gate i have about 30 forsters and 5 pyros so they normally mop up anything that spawns but i know what your saying ive missed 2 in a swordrain before i cast it just a lil to fast and bam! half my army was dead

They’re overpowered in defence,but they’re really underpowered in offence as they died themselves.so if their morals increased we never able to use them in attack & I love to use this fellas in attack considering their speed & blunt damage.So my suggestion is: keep their moral as it is but reduce their effectiveness on hero & troops and increase their effectiveness on buildings. :wink:

I think Gagoyle is too overpower.

It’s attack too quick and make too much area damage.


Just one wave can make your king die. If you hidden under your troops, you troops will vanquish.

And no need to pay gold or times to upgrade like other troops, you just clear the dungeon and gain it.

Using less effort than make other troops become strong. Mid-level player can become strong too quick and too easy.


I think it’s too imbalance for the game.

Use more Morale, increse attack timing, reduce damage, or make it can’t do area damage anymore will make this game more balance.

I personally don’t see such a big problem with the Gargoyles. They just seem like a kind of “Firebolt-tower of the troops”. Sounds strange? I’ll try to explain: It probably felt similar to you too. The first firebolts I encountered in the game just killed me and they seemed impossible to take down. But it didn’t take long to adjust. They are nothing to fear anymore - just run up, fire your spell and watch them go down. It’s similar with the Gargoyles. If you encounter a bunch of them, just fire your swordrain and they’re all gone. Or hide behind your troops and they’ll absorb the blow. And with Gargoyles in defense chokepoints in the base can actually become your friend. When your hero is past the choke point, the Gargoyles won’t bother you until you get to the other side of the choke point, because they simply will explode there for your troops. They are beatable and I just won against a few bases with Gargoyle waves. Yes, they are powerful, but I don’t think they are overpowered. It wouldn’t have been of any use to add new troops (or monsters) that are just like the ones we already had. This way it stirred everything up a bit (like you can read here). It brought back challenges and with it the possibilities of satisfaction of beating them.

Other than Swordrain, there’re other option to counter Gagoyle?

To use your troops as barrier is a good idea, but there’re times when your troops stay too close and will make you lost most of your troops.


The problem of gagoyle is it attack too quick + too severe + area damage + too cheap morale points + too less way to counter + Mid level player access them too quick and too easy.

With this one missing tactic just a second will bring complete defeat to you and make Mid level player become strong too quick, that shouldn’t happen.

If one of these is taken away, I don’t think it’ll be problem anymore.

Try explain using what logic should a 4morale monster be the deadliest unit while 16morale werewolf is almost useless ? Because they’re overpowered.


With just 4 morale the Gargoyle isn’t really that deadly, because you only get one for that cost. You need a whole bunch of them and together they cost way more than 4 morale…

I think 2 Werewolfs look friendly than 8 Gargoyles.

You get 4 for 16 morale and can fit max of 10 in one max wave , more than enough to kill.Overpowered.Two max level werewolf dont even scares me.One max gargoyle destroy max level shield in one hit.

Fit, you can only get 8 in a wave, well unless I’ve been ripped off with my waves 

My bad , its 8 actually with 8 morale point to spare

No one said they are unbeatable but a quick look at the leaderboard shows us that all top players use them en masse and most times only in combination with one other unit. They became a necessity not an addition or option. And why? Because their power bear no relation to their cost.