I used to like playing this game before the gargoyles

fii name . this is my first go around with RR and I am not too concerned with medals and gaining rank to fast cause I enjoy the fighting for the sake of fighting. I do understand the strategy of killing more than you know. I just don’t want to get to serious cause then the fun goes out of it. but if you think im not up to par then send some advice. I have been playing with different combos for a while and 50-70 with 100% victories isn’t that bad. REPLY VIA PM.

Or just make it so gargoyles can’t target the hero, and make the hero immune to the gargoyles’ splash damage if he’s nearby when they drop their bombs. If players want to use gargoyles defensively against troops, they still can. Even though that’s not a super effective use for them. People are only using gargoyles for defense because it’s a cheap way to quickly knock out the hero.

Low morale points , super fast , not bound by borders , not weak to any units , dealt most damage , dealt AOE damage , can kill in one wave , causing excessive scrolling which is mad because before this scrolls is not mandatory thing and they’re moving target


Yep , overpowered at max level maybe level 3 actually

My opinion, Gagoyle should have more delay on their explosion like Bombs from Tower. That will give more time to react, many spells and many troops can kill before they can deal damage, King can dodge it’s attack without using wind boots, even Troops can dodge by King’s shout. More tactics can bring to counter Gagoyle unlike present.




PS. Please show and tell the range of area damage from Troops, Tower, and Spells because now is hard to predict.


Just wanted to clarify that I clearly used the word “evolution” in regard to “monsters change the personality of the game”. And I’m pretty convinced that you have to do changes if you want to evolve.


By the way, even evolution makes errors - these errors just won’t survive in the long run. And if Flare thinks the Gargoyles are too strong that’s exactly what will happen: They change it to make them weaker. And that would be evolution too, then. :wink:


And everyone who wants the Gargs to be weakened should probably even hope for this to happen!

Why? Because that’s a pretty clear sign that the Gargs are indeed overpowered - especially if most of the attacks on these bases fail horribly. And then Flare wouldn’t have much of a choice and had to adjust the Gargs…

mjbe , I think you’re a great player and strong king and I respect your opinion.Of course nerfing gargs is also an evolution but some are for the worse and that must be corrected.Introducing monster is a good one , making them too powerful abd forcing scroll battle is not.For now I firmly think that gargs making whole game unbalance but other monster still manageable and I’ve listed down the reasons above.You’re not a weak king to be affected by gargs heavily but not too strong to be forced into scrolling like top 50 players.Over time monster will completely dominate the game , an evolution as you said but will it brings fun to the game ? I’m not convinced because the initial effects is not very good for everyone

As far as I know at the top they needed to scroll all along. It’s just against different troops now. :wink:


I agree with you here that the Gargs are the only monsters that are so strong they really cause problems. Yes, they are powerful - very powerful! But I think to a certain degree this power was intended, especially as they are a completely different kind of troops (suicide bombers instead of fighters) which also adds to the difficulties handling them.


The problem on the other hand is that nerfing the Gargs will probably make them pretty useless. And I’m not sure if it’s even possible to adjust their strength to level were they aren’t either considered overpowered or useless.


Jona already said they are considering to adjust the Gargs and just want to wait a few more days to see how it develops. I’m pretty sure they do the right thing. :slight_smile:

(My own expectation is that they will indeed do something about the Gargs - and I personally wouldn’t have a problem with that decision.)

There is scrolling and scrolling, I used to have to scroll once maybe twice on the hardest of bases, but often if I got it right not at all on many top ten bases. Now for me personally I have to scroll upward of three times on nearly all bases in the top ten. I don’t like to scroll and used it as a back up to be made use of if I got it wrong in attack, finger problems or my attack on the kingdom was badly misjudged. Now its mandatory you have to go into battle expecting to scroll, its just a matter of how many. 

Yes for now scrolling is mandatory only at top level because they all have maxed out monsters but over time that will happen to players in 3000 trophy range too as they’ll finally unlocked max monster.Now I thinkbpeople choose to stay away from gargs bases unless they’re strong enough or they just use pearl scrolls (not many yet of course) I think nerfing won’t them useless , if Flare can nerf their damage they can also buff their HP right ? Or make them slower so hero can avoid them maybe give them smaller AOE range ? I believe there is solution an that needs proper testing from Flare side

Not sure if this is an indication of current active users, however league late last week me and two others, this time me on my own, never had that prior to gargs and monsters! Either my king smells or something is amiss! Good news, can’t actually lose it, albeit for a reward of 3 gems  :slight_smile:

I have read the whole thread. With every update in any game you will be required to change your tactics, version 1.4.1 is no different, As I have said in another thread, I am a level 75 king, I have never bought any gems with real money or have used any scrolls since playing. I believe I am very successful in beating most bases around my trophy range by adapting my tactics to the game updates.

Around level 30, I stopped using Knights, however, with the advent of Gargoyles I have started to use Knights again. As everyone knows, Knights use only one morale point. Gargoyles (four morale points) are a kamikaze type unit, once they drop their pay load then they die. I sacrifice my Knights to the gargoyles and then unleash my other units (pyro/cannons/frosters or mummy). It is the same concept as chess… you give up your pawns(Knights) to a higher piece from your opponent… then SNAP… you attack. I have got through most monster bases by using the humble knight followed by a barrage of Pyros/Froster and cannons

Tactic for gargoyles

High level wind boots 15%+ to run back after the gargoyles drop their load on the Knights

A whole lot of leadership boosts to spawn the living daylights for Knights…

Pyro or Frosters and Cannons.

And the Heal, Blade and Sonic.

Works most of the time. Best tactic let the Gargoyles destroy your Knights and then get medieval on the rest of the wave composition and the base


Shooter I can see your logic, but if you take on high level bases with maxed out Gargs in number I think you will struggle, for it to work you have to get your knights up at the front. With a barrage of FB, Skull towers and high level barricades they will drop like flies, you will not be able to get them ahead of you to act as a sacrifice. Go try it on le petit sebs base, its no longer max garg, but I bet you still find it too hard. If you can do it scroll free I will take back all of the above.

LOL knights ? Funny shooter what trophy range are you at ? High level skull tower kills knight before they even attack anything , that tactic of yours won’t work againsf strong base and I’ve tried them few days ago.In fact I’ve tried every single ways mentioned on this forum and none are effective or consistent enough.You either die or ran out of time , in this case you would then scroll but since you never use scroll so you die , lose trophies , medals and waste food.Of course I had some success against lesser gargs but never survived max gargs.Jason Wivart , same level as you die at first tower against max gargoyle of MasterE.Shows you that they’re overpowered and need rebalancing.

The Point isn’t NO tactic to counter, but too less tactic to counter.

Less tactic mean you have less way to play this game which shouldn’t happen.

High level gargs are a different kettle of fish altogether, I can and do take a shower in level 1/2s and survive, 4 x level 4s I need full health, 5 x 4 … game over.

I forgot to mention one thing in relation to the above tactic. You need to use your scream button to bring your Knights to the front. Whilst you are at the front you preemptively use your heal to save as many Knights as you can from dying from the Firebolts and Skulls. Once danger of gargoyles subsides you hit the buildings with sonic and the barricades with the blade.

I am not saying this will work against very high levels or elite players, however, around my trophy range which fluctuates, depending on my upgrade cycle it works quite well… I range from top 400 to 1000 depending on my upgrade cycles

If you could provide a video or even screenshot then it’ll be helpful because like I said I’ve tested knights and they’re not faster than my king to be in front plus you can’t keep them alive with heal also you need fo always be with them which slows you down.Just tested the knights again , cost me 121 gems for blessing and resurect at four bases with garg as most unit.10k HP and I died twice in the last base which have 3 waves full of gargs (5-6 gargs each wave) my knights didn’t even survived first choke points and ended up with pgro and cannonz at gate with a blessing spell in front of gate.I can’t be that sbit ? I’ve never scroll and resurrect like expect whem I tried some top players bases.

Yes agree, video would be good, could do it on le petit seb.

@Fii nami

Try using max Knights, Frosters and Cannons combo to deal with Gargoyles and base. I notice many people don’t use Frosters and Knights as an offensive tandem.

I am also using level 10 heal, 6 Blade and 5 Sonic.

Seems to work well against gargoyle heavy base.