I used to like playing this game before the gargoyles


Don’t forget the opposite’s view.

I agree that wrong if we can’t beat other base without using scrolls.

But Scrolls aren’t come for free they must pay some cost to use, gems and pearls which has limit.

So, using scrolls is special way to beat other base NOT normal way. With this, the game open more tactic to play with. (And Developers also gain profits - very important)

Even so, if using scrolls can garantee winning over the base, that shouldn’t happen. So, just reduce their power, increase cooldown, or reduce area of effect.

And for the base which be invaded by using scrolls should gain some proper reward too.

On the Monster case.

Gagoyle is the only problem right? Why make impact to other monster and game system instead only Gagoyle?

Coding for this game will be more complicated and harder too understand for most of player, just chance only Gagoyle power isn’t better way?

And if you talk about limiting Monster, you can do that by add their moral point.





I think they should buff blizzard even haven’t issue with Gargoyle, because it’s under use.

@fii nami: one question how to survive 8 gargoyle level 3/4 attack your king? Believe me no one will survive… So i think limiting monster/wave is the right solution to balance the game.

I don’t understand why should limit number of Monters, If reduce it’s power or raise Moral cost can make same result.

Or it isn’t?

This topic is getting the most posts.

Zoname, gargolyle isn’t in my opinion the only problem, those whole gaggle of monster make the game a bit of a farce in comparison to its origins. The solution I offer allows them to stay and be used at their full power, but also restricts how many of them can be used wave for wave, you can if you wish still employ a mummy or an ogre or three garg in a wave if it is restricted to 15, but you can max the waves with monsters alone. This as I said previously will encourage the use of other troop types. Three gargs at max level can still do some serious damage.  

Most of the top players dont use werewolf. I wonder why.

Agree with drum completely…

limit number of monster because too many monsters making the game scroll to win , no more strategy

yeah I get your idea now and I agree with it bug

Agree with drum completely, with max level of garg still can make serious damage even you’re high level king. The most important thing with this gameplay right now is to max out monster level, this is so unbalance. Limiting monster is the only way to balance the game. Otherwise it will become so boring game.

@fii nami: yes there is no room for another strategy right now, just to max out monster level…

I don’t see problem with other Monster, can you explain?

Yes, they’re strong but fit their moral cost and have many tactic to counter unlike Gagoyle.


Also, If can bring same result why bother to limit number of Monsters? Why not just reduce their power or increase Moral cost?

What is better to limit number of Monsters than what I suggest?


I think limit number of Monsters is worsen becase it will make harder to player to play or understand.

Limiting monster is far better than your idea. It’s brings balance to gameplay. That simple bro.

Just for clarity – this post is about gargoyles in defensive waves.  No one, to my knowledge, has complained that any monsters are too powerful on offensive waves.  In fact I think the opposite can be claimed.  I haven’t seen anyone attack my base with monsters, and the few times I have tried testing my defenses with monsters, they weren’t very effective.


Also, to center the discussion – anyone who plays regularly and has been willing to dedicate one worker to the dungeon for the last two weeks will have level 3 gargoyles right now.  That will probably cover 80% of players who are 2000 trophies or above.

Also a question on Gargoyles:  Initially I never even thought of swordrain as a counter to them.  I saw that they had 50% piercing resistance and could see that my level 6 swordrain should only do about 800 damage to them.  Given that level 3 gargoyles have over 1000 hp this would not be enough to kill them. 


Do gargoyles take extra damage from swordrain?  Or have I only faced level 2 gargoyles?  Is a level 9 swordrain enough to kill a max level gargoyle?

I think we’re all agree that gargoyle is overpowered and made unbalance gameplay. Now flares must do something to fix this, with reduce monster power, increase moral point, or just limiting monster wave.


How? please explain.

Just let see what flares do about it…

The addition of monsters is a bastardisation of the original game, kingdoms do and should not be inhabited by monsters alone, which is where we are heading. That would be an idea for a spin off from the main game certainly, but for those that invested both time and possibly money over an extended period of time/since its inception into the game it is deviating from its path too far. In a kingdom you may if unlucky meet an odd ogre, or a small swarm of gargoyles (not even sure how to rationalise mummies and werewolves), but its unlikely you would meet one inhabited by them and them alone. This is obviously a personal opinion and one you may disagree with, but looking at the waning interest on forums, facebook active in the game I would guess it is one a number of players have as well. 

On offensive side, I think it’s hard to recognize that they overpower too you… I mean when you were attacked.

On the other hand, If you overpower enemy you won’t say.


Even so, Moral point of the King is lower than moral point of defensive wave, and you also fight against towers which make you should keep your troops alive as long as possible unlike defensive side just kill the king and you will win, just slow down offensive force and you will survive.

That make offensive side hard to overpower the base.