I used to like playing this game before the gargoyles


But all problem you said can solve by reduce their power or increase their moral cost, right?


I think you choose to limit number of Monster because you want to most player use old time strategy or want to see other player back to using old troops, right?

I don’t think it’s a good reason. If there’re change, you must accept them except the change is bring impalance to the game.


Yes… Must use scrolls to win is imbalance, why not just reduce Monsters power or increase their moral cost?


What bring different between reduce Monsters power or increase their moral cost with limit number of Monsters?



You should find the reason before solution, not bring solution before find the reason.

I will agree with your idea if you have some good reason that can tell me why your choice is better than mine, but I can’t see any.

No , I said because theres less strategy in the game right now because everyone will use monsters in their wave when they finally unlocked them all at max level not because I cannot accept changes.I love this game because of its strategy and all the base design the thinking you need to do not just go raid and scroll then win some gold and upgrade.Today , people put monster in their wave , build a simple base and easily defeated raiding king who then resurrect 2,3 times or use scrolls.What kind of strategy is that ? Theres no thinking need to be done.This only contribute to dropping the game’s value.

Gargoyles are definitely very over powered and according to me the main flaw is frosters not able to kill them.

You can kill an ogre easily with arblasters.

You can kill a mummy easily with pyromancers.

You can kill a werewolf too with frosters and blade storm etc.

You cannot kill a group of gargoyles with a swarm of maxed frosters. THIS IS SO WRONG.


Game is more enjoyable when peoples inteligence is put to test. For defence, just Gargoyle and anyother troop to fill if you have less than 4 points availble is all you need. Bladestorm seems to be doing hardly any damage to gargs. I only see them die with Sonic Blast, provided I activate it before they reach me. Swordrain is left around level 7 once higher level spell were aquired and it doesnt seem right to use it and also the cool down is too much. I dont like to see all monster bases as that is not fun. I do like to use mummy(Level2) for now in offense now and then and just aquired level 4 ogre. Tested to see the Ogre with my own base with level3 gargs and still no change to survive. I dont like my base with almost 3 wave dedicated to gargs but i guess i need it to survive till a solution is implemented.


  1. Make them die to frosters by increasing their damage - MUST

  2. The time for it to explode (Dunk time I call) should be atleast 2 more seconds for hero to escape and if any frosters present for them to kill. - MUST


If limiting monster usage is being considered, then limit the total moral points you can use. May be like 82 max for all waves together. If player decided to use if for 20 gargs, let him use with frosters as their nemisis. They can use 5 werewolfs in total or 7 ogres and that is a lot.


I strongly believe limiting the usage of each tower should also be implemented. I prefer no more than 5 towers of the same type. This way, even if you use 5 each of Fire, Snake and Skull, you are still forced to use one more tower. This will help people to use thier intelligence and use a variety of stuff.


Currently, If you are top player, you can build a base blindly with fire + skull and may be snake towers and have gargs in waves. You are guaranteed to be unbeatable without scrolls. Scrolls should not be needed to a skilled player while attacking his comparable players base.


Offensively, I believe no change is needed for monsters.

The change is effecting the amount of users, people are leaving, stopping playing, voting with feet (fingers). The original game was much loved by many, the changes have culled them. If you want to be one of the few players left, with a load of proxy accounts vying with each other to make their main account number one that is fine. But what we have is a pay to play model emerging and that will kill the game. As I said previously my last league had 3 players that’s all.

@desihero, a path with max firebolt and Skulls could and often was overpowered by a strong king without scrolls, the challenge was adjusting it and the waves to make this job harder, make him/her scroll once or twice. Now scrolling is the default setting for all, the tactics are diminished. As for limiting towers, I think a better plan would be to add some potency to the ones we already have, buff up snake, frost and gargoyle so that they are equal in some respects to the others, then allow people to have as many of each as they wish, that makes the gameplay. Knowing you have to face 5 each of any tower is a limiting factor in itself. 


Oh, sorry for misunderstanding.

But, like I said it’s can solve by reducing power or increasing Morals point of Monster which more easy to change for developer and more easy to understand fo players.



For limiting Towers, I don’t agree. I suggest developers to make old Tower can upgrade to become strong as last 3 Tower.

Main reason for overuse or underuse because they too strong or too weak.

@Desihero:  Part of me wonders if you sped up the froster projectile time (i.e. made it travel as fast as an arbelester’s shot) if you might give a group of frosters a chance to stop gargoyles.  You might also need to increase their frost weakness to something like 300%.  The only drawback is that it might overpower the already strong frosters.

I took the liberty of pinning this topic (at least for the remainder of the week), since quite a few people seem to be interested in this discussion.

yeah, i noticed that too, but its not that im interested or anything.

@jona: Looks like many players in this topic agree that gargoyle is overpowered and made the game unbalance. We need flares to do something about this. There’s several option to do this: Increase moral point, reduce damage, limiting gargoyle in a wave or combo in between. We need you to fix this ASAP, gameplay is so boring right now.

I got new boots that made me swifter and I found that you can run circles around them. when they come up to you and are raising their bomb to throw at you you can run behind and make them turn around and by that time you are hacking at them and they have to start the throwing process again slowing the delivery of the bomb. that is when you have one with a hord you can out run the hord so you wont get killed

were those wind boots?


There’re froster in their group?


I don’t see a problem with Monsters changing the personality of the game. You could also call this evolution. :wink: If Flare decides to adjust the Gargoyles power, in my opinion the only way to do it is reducing their damage. Just not too low though, or they just switch sides from overpowered to useless… Raising the Gargs morale brings one problem with it: Lots of waves would instantly be overstuffed. And that’s a difficult situation to handle.


Limiting the number of monsters per wave also has it’s problems: It’s confusing and unnecessary complex. Why can waves be filled with the same troop, but not with monsters? Not logical. And then you could ask, why it’s not allowed to fill a wave with Gargoyles but perfectly OK to equip the whole path with firebolts only? And somehow I’m getting tired of the old argument “many people are leaving the game”. This always sounds like you’re only trying to increase the importance of your own post. I’m pretty sure it’s Flare who already knows best how the number of players is really developing… :wink:

totally agree, dude.

Gargoyles are fine. I don’t mind getting killed by a wave of gargoyles.

Its just a matter of changing your gameplay.

Arblasters can counter a wave of gargs. Gargoyles can’t drop their bomb while being attacked by arblasters.

A wave of gargs even drop all their bombs on a single unit.

Dealing with gargs can make heroes w/ high level change their spell combination. And not just the over used Heal + Sonic Blast + Blade Storm.

The many people are leaving comment from me is only in respects of the inactivity I have seen both in tournaments and general play, added to those that have said the same to me and it is hinted at by the title of the original post. I’m sure as you say if flare are making the numbers add up we will stay as we are, so whatever we say here in respect of the viability of the game is pretty much irrelevant.

Love my gragos as they are, stop cry about over power, just play the game, be more tactic and win, if u reduce there power than whwts the point of winning if its too eazy?

I am not complaining about gargoyles per se, just about the imbalance that, in my opinion they bring to the game. A lot of bases that I used to defeat fairly easily are now featuring gargoyles. For me, it looks like a shortcut around improving your blockades and towers, and suddenly those bases became way stronger than the normal game evolution would allow. This imbalance is very frustrating at this point, especially because the gargoyle’s destructive capabilities are not properly translated into the base’s score currently. I currently have gargoyles level 3, and cannot defeat my own base like I used to. I am currently level 80 and have only one tower level 9.


if Flare’s current intention is to make scrolls necessary to defeat most bases, I would say it is a good solution. But the game is less engaging for me lately out of sheer frustration. I won’t claim that “most people are living the game”, I’ll just say that for me the balance is not there anymore, and hence the fun is going out of it too.


And don’t tell me that the swordrain will take care of them, just attack my base equipped with swordrain and see how far will that take you.