I used to like playing this game before the gargoyles

I took the liberty of pinning this topic (at least for the remainder of the week), since quite a few people seem to be interested in this discussion.

yeah, i noticed that too, but its not that im interested or anything.

@jona: Looks like many players in this topic agree that gargoyle is overpowered and made the game unbalance. We need flares to do something about this. There’s several option to do this: Increase moral point, reduce damage, limiting gargoyle in a wave or combo in between. We need you to fix this ASAP, gameplay is so boring right now.

I got new boots that made me swifter and I found that you can run circles around them. when they come up to you and are raising their bomb to throw at you you can run behind and make them turn around and by that time you are hacking at them and they have to start the throwing process again slowing the delivery of the bomb. that is when you have one with a hord you can out run the hord so you wont get killed

were those wind boots?


There’re froster in their group?


I don’t see a problem with Monsters changing the personality of the game. You could also call this evolution. :wink: If Flare decides to adjust the Gargoyles power, in my opinion the only way to do it is reducing their damage. Just not too low though, or they just switch sides from overpowered to useless… Raising the Gargs morale brings one problem with it: Lots of waves would instantly be overstuffed. And that’s a difficult situation to handle.


Limiting the number of monsters per wave also has it’s problems: It’s confusing and unnecessary complex. Why can waves be filled with the same troop, but not with monsters? Not logical. And then you could ask, why it’s not allowed to fill a wave with Gargoyles but perfectly OK to equip the whole path with firebolts only? And somehow I’m getting tired of the old argument “many people are leaving the game”. This always sounds like you’re only trying to increase the importance of your own post. I’m pretty sure it’s Flare who already knows best how the number of players is really developing… :wink:

totally agree, dude.

Gargoyles are fine. I don’t mind getting killed by a wave of gargoyles.

Its just a matter of changing your gameplay.

Arblasters can counter a wave of gargs. Gargoyles can’t drop their bomb while being attacked by arblasters.

A wave of gargs even drop all their bombs on a single unit.

Dealing with gargs can make heroes w/ high level change their spell combination. And not just the over used Heal + Sonic Blast + Blade Storm.

The many people are leaving comment from me is only in respects of the inactivity I have seen both in tournaments and general play, added to those that have said the same to me and it is hinted at by the title of the original post. I’m sure as you say if flare are making the numbers add up we will stay as we are, so whatever we say here in respect of the viability of the game is pretty much irrelevant.

Love my gragos as they are, stop cry about over power, just play the game, be more tactic and win, if u reduce there power than whwts the point of winning if its too eazy?

I am not complaining about gargoyles per se, just about the imbalance that, in my opinion they bring to the game. A lot of bases that I used to defeat fairly easily are now featuring gargoyles. For me, it looks like a shortcut around improving your blockades and towers, and suddenly those bases became way stronger than the normal game evolution would allow. This imbalance is very frustrating at this point, especially because the gargoyle’s destructive capabilities are not properly translated into the base’s score currently. I currently have gargoyles level 3, and cannot defeat my own base like I used to. I am currently level 80 and have only one tower level 9.


if Flare’s current intention is to make scrolls necessary to defeat most bases, I would say it is a good solution. But the game is less engaging for me lately out of sheer frustration. I won’t claim that “most people are living the game”, I’ll just say that for me the balance is not there anymore, and hence the fun is going out of it too.


And don’t tell me that the swordrain will take care of them, just attack my base equipped with swordrain and see how far will that take you.

sound like a gagle of hens!!! just go out there and KILL LOOT RAPE PILLAGE!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :angry:

I have 19% wind boots , I can run from the gargoyle until the frosters slows me down.I’ve tried arblasters , the best unit to counter gargoyle but not effective enough.I tried swordrain , survive 1,2 waves and died during cooldown.Sonic blast the same too , of I dedicate two spells just to kill gargoyle , how do I destroy gates or towers in time ? Now mjbe talking about evolution , I’m telling you this evolution making the game worse.Get all max level monster , use a simple base design with lots of monster in wave , put towers here and there then scrolls your way to victory.I don’t think its normal when top player like Nikkoesq scrolls 6times to get 97% , that will happen lower down the leaderboard once players unlocked all dungeon.People will get tired of scrolling and leave the game to die.If Nikkoesq spent around 100-100 gems for 3-5 trophies then get stripped 50 trophies in one attack how long can he continue spending his money ? This is your evolution , it is towards scrolling not being more tactical when facing monsters.

bummer. im just about to get my 70 king. and I can usually get 50 to 70% on an attacks, even with waves of gar’s if I watch my life meter. and that 50 to70% is without scrolls, unless I use them cause the money is to good. as said before I am enjoying the fight I don’t worry to much about gaining rank and trophies. I like the money so I can upgrade. I don’t even worry about where I finish in the tournament to much unless I happen to be in a good position to jump up a slot or two to get more gems.  

Trust me you haven’t face a max level gargoyle and if you’re playing for the upgrade then go ahead but theres player who care about trophies , leagues and medals not just gold.You’re not in these people situation thats why you don’t about trophy stripping or climbing up the leaderboard.For a level 70% king to usually get 50%-70% is sad too.

Using ice troops and using gems to freeze times, also walk minimum 2 behind your troops. Its effective


With the rise of gargs all bases will eventually have mostly gargs. Avoid all bases then with gargs that’s really stupid. Not much left then with good loot and medals.

Of course people want strong defense that’s why they use gargs. Bases will offer more medals and loot if they aren’t attacked as much.

Love being the devils advocate all the time

Main problem of Gagoyle is less way to counter, even deadlier than other, missing tactic for a sec bring doom to you.

These shouldn’t happen.


Sometime my game have some bugs, press spell button but think I order to move or don’t use that spell until next second or until I press button again.

That a little bugs haven’t bring serious problem until coming of Gagoyle.

Yes, maybe my personal error or my device error but just that shouldn’t bring complete defeat to you.