I vote for Karma season !

Hey all,


The first new “season of immortals” is called after one of our alliance members, who happens to have the same IGN… Thank you flares for this gesture. Our whole alliance really appreciate this. You made our day/week. We love you. :slight_smile:


This thread is a call for all the players who have a healthy sense of humor, to vote and ask flares for calling a season after a very very nice and promising player Krman.


We want a season called “KARMA”!


So, anyone for, please say AYE!


To all that help us in this nice project, we all promise to support your IGN names for seasons too.





AYE!!! Thank you so much for making this thread, Ed! Karma Season will rise! haha  :wink:

whats this topic about? simplify please

Atlas, if many people will say AYE, then we can convince flares to name seasons after players.


Are you in?

AYE. I like the idea

Aye :wink:

AYE, absolutely !

I want a jamming season :slight_smile:

Sorry to break your heart guys…

But next war season willl be …

War of the North…

War of the Realms…

war of the Legion…

war of the Lions…

And etc…



I vote for “Free of skull reward and loser skull bonus” season, but of course “Genie & Master” sounds great also.

I vote for “Boostless Season” and “No More Skulls in CoF Season”, “Genie Master Season” sounds great too  :stuck_out_tongue: