I want a forced repatriation function for sanctions.

I would like members to be able to forcibly repatriate based on their bases.

They can not move as much as a day or energy goes to zero.

Even if I explained to him yesterday, even if I saw the score of the mistake made by another member
He says  smart things, but he did the same betrayal without doing his work.

I banished him. I think that this time is natural.

Please take steps to revert to the alliance base for people who have begun to do something undesirable.

This can be a conquest sanction function.
When they make a mistake naturally I think expulsion from the alliance is heavy.

Even if they can not move for a day or energy 0 This function is necessary.


Other than that

Some opponents also make sure that they are online at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night after registering as a friend so please let me choose whether to notify my friends online.

I am awake! I told them to tell them

Yes I have had to kick 3 players already for not following orders. We should be able to just send them back to castle. [These were good war players… now gone… lost to conquest hell]

I do not think all players should be able to declare war.

It makes the whole thing like herding cockroaches. 

Conquest event is worst thing that ever happened in royal revolt.  

Fix the regular wars, give us new and more rewards for wars.

Make ninjas more exciting.

And delete conquest altogether!

Yeah iys impossible to manage…

Some players are good players but lousy generals and its why some are not in many alliances.

And many just fly by the seat of their pants and don’t care as its personal not a team approach.

Really it causes unneeded issues in alliances.

Maybe a scout option that can be turned on or off that disallows starting a new attack…

also a lock for battles so no more players can join.

Honestly if this cannot be managed without 24/8 supervision then its a poor design.

And its not the players responsibility to do backflips for a bad structure.



Some users may not trust all generals.


Only the leader .  It may be good if it is a system that can use only the leader.

I will skip to the base as soon as it finds it… ?

Players who made a mistake and made a great defeat no longer came out of the headquarters.

They are also users who are playing games, so I want to treat them carefully…

I witnessed the alliance that played the game which left only the stronger and banished the rest, so I know the strategy.

The new user will not know the strategy of the alliance warfare yet. It should be there.


Unfortunately …. its a 24 hr game and leader is not enough.

If the game is you life then maybe but most would trust their generals to execute things as planned.

if you want total control /dictatorship then don’t have generals…

easy :grinning:


Yes, I also exiled yesterday was a member who made it a general.

Leaders will be forced to make the biggest choice at any given time. “Exile or defeat”

Leaders must always see the screen of the conquest to prevent this unwanted member from entering. There is no time to earn money by attacking
The mixed alliance of users who started Few elite and newly should exercise vigilance in particular. Regardless of how careful it is, even if you write it on a signboard or write it in a memo, even if you send an email or give instructions. . . It is not enough.
This always happens in front of me.

“Exile or defeat”

I want to make this choice " forcibly repatriated or defeated". In this way I can push forced repatriation without hesitation.

The sent members know the meaning there. They will be more careful from the next.

Even my sent heart does not hurt.
The suffering when choosing defeat disappears.



So if they cannot start fights or enter ones you don’t want them in then its not a issue they will just annoy other teams till they attack.

and if they do too much don’t give troops so in the end they will accept it or learn. both works

if you have a peace treaty then that works too if the player is a pest and you can say to other team use him as cannon fodder.

the problem is there are always new players and players learning the game so simple controls Like I said just allow limits so they can learn without causing issues.

It is a situation of just defeating even if giving or not giving toops. :slightly_frowning_face:

Forced repatriation is desirable to prevent you from entering besides expulsion.

If I notice that I am nearby when I should play such a match I will warn him

But even if I say it many times, even if we lose this, they do not know. :slightly_frowning_face:

If I do not take a screenshot the score will not be left.

 “I’m happy to join and fight! I do not know what happened later.” Only this will remain on their heads

I guess there is a game where I am forced to choose how many times I will go Very Tired ・・・There is a situation where you want to retire the leader.

If I throw it away, it is

“miserable as a leader”

After banishment the strength drops and they will not return. Suddenly why I did it would frighten the members and create distrust.

If I carefully note him after being defeated, “why are you crazy now?”

We understand why there are not many participants in the conquest, so we accept it.
Therefore, we will execute the strategy at the timing when the applicant wishes to come.

Some participants do not understand Japanese chat.
I will explain it in English Portuguese Spanish Turkish while putting a translation on email when coming close. I will also draw a sign.

 Of course, we have written strategies, too.But Japanese people do the same .   3times

This is a common mistake for intermediate players playing conquests.

It is important for conquest to allocate applicants to the placement at that timing.

The alliance with few participants is exactly what it will live or die.

Conquest is interesting, but it also has many elements that you dislike about this game.
This is one of them. There is a factor that money enters this game because it runs an alliance. The leader of that alliance and the generals of the general are the elements that dislike this game.

Agree. soldier should not be able to declare war. We see on the map wrong match up like 17 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 or 20 vs 10. the battle are not fair. the player who are send back if they have no planify wisely their energy. Come back to the kingdom with 0 energy and make the rest of the alliance in trouble.

So I am sure if only leader or general can activate battle. probably we will see more 20 vs 20 or 10 vs 10,etc…or a kind of cooldown who will make everyone ready. Like 5 hours cooldown  before the battle start.So if its something like 10 vs 2 the one who have 2 can have a possibity to wait renforcement and make it 10 vs 10

I means Alliance 1 want to declare war to Alliance 2 and the leader of Alliance 1 do it. the battle its a 10 vs 1 so a cooldown start at 5 hours and the Alliance 2 have 5 hours to get 9 others players in the battle. After the cooldown finish the battle start.

I think its gonna be more fun this way

I like that sentence.

That’s why I suggested the scout option … You can turn on or off as you like.

It sets a player as a scout and no declaring. 

Then closing entry to a war is the other easy answer… too many just join because they think they can help or bored.

and in the end they all lose as they do not bother looking at strength of other players


There is a reason leaders and generals decide on war declares as that’s how you control the war strategy.

This is just a free for all of inept is as inept does.

To be honest I feel there is a disconnect in flare about the wider world …. That somehow their local values are right and everyone else is wrong?

Its a pity as they get some pieces so right and others insanely wrong.

That’s why I suggested the scout option … You can turn on or off as you like.

It sets a player as a scout and no declaring. 

Then closing entry to a war is the other easy answer… too many just join because they think they can help or bored.

and in the end they all lose as they do not bother looking at strength of other players

I suggested alliance ranks and this war declaring system should be available only for rank 2 player