I want boosts (lvl92)

I fight in war

I like boosts (my previous alliance was trash in wars but had 7 boosts)(I liked that)
Some boosts that I require are, storm cannon, raging werewolf, stunning ogre, blazing knight, and tough barricade (more the better)

So if your alliance has those boosts (and hopefully more)(and also hopefully decent in wars) I am willing to fight 3 battles per war (more when I feel like it)(often) (2% skull perk)

and will donate 250k daily (going for 500k but will take a while) 

I participate in ninja events

I have 3300 trophies atm (i think) but my trophies generally range from 3300 to 3000


Im also gonna add that I have no life and play this game way too much




Modern warriors vip has 6 boosts 24/7


However, we require ALL battles not just 3 and donate everyday

If your can agree to all war battles we wold be happy to accept you

K who else has boosts

we got 1 boost that we won in war 
We are empty

come join


hey buddy

we have all boost which you want

alliance name:- royal kingdom

if you want want to join us then contact me


hope i will see you soon in royal kingdom :slight_smile: