I Want New Dungeons

Although I am not one of them I hear that a lot of people where short changed when the Gems Quests got converted to Voucher Quests. I have a simple solution to that and it would add more kicks and giggles for myself as well. Just add more Dungeons with more vouchers and in game cash rewards. since the turning in of vouchers seems to be near endless the voucher rewards for quest don’t have to be high as much as they should be offered often.Like I said I’m not one of the ones who was wronged by this new voucher system but I can see the game coming to a screeching halt if more of the rewards for acomplishments are diminished.With the up grade costs and time the amount of defense vs offence and the pay to play format,reducing rewards almost gives no one any incentive to even play the game.I like the game I can bare with it I guess because I have had time to play and have gotten most of the rewards before they changed them so the new changes are a plus to me.But to someone at the bottom or a mid level player this could discourge them from continuing to play the game since there is no barrier between their gold and the higher lvl players from robbing them except buying a gold shield which you have made near impossible with the conversion to vouchers and the lessening of gem rewards. New Dungeon Quests with not so much as big rewards but just frequent rewards would shut a lot of the complainers(including myself) up. P.S If you do add new Dungeons could you not make em so hard you have to scroll to get through them. It kind of defeats the purpose of them being rewards at the end if it cost you more pearls and gems to get through the Dungeon then you get as a reward when you comlete the Dungeon.