I want the add-to-favorites star back

It was the quick way to add a player to my favorites list.

When I found a beatable base with good loot, I want to quickly add it to my favorite list, then click attack immediately. If I accidentally fail (e.g. mistiming) I can check the base from my favorites list and attack it again to loot the leftover.

A second matters, and click (i) then star is much slower.


You can just add it back like before, place it before the (i) button.

So a player’s display should be now

(league star) (alliance logo) Player name (star) (i)

Yes I agree the new method is boring because you have to open every time the profile players and tick !

I still have my favorites

Personally, I found the old method more comfortable and quicker, too.

Though, I can live with the new method, especially as it allows to take a look at the other’s hero’s stats in the meanwhile, providing me with a hint about how strong the player actually is.

Yes please. Ease of access is key. Takes too long now.

i think it should be (league star) (alliance logo) Player name (i) (star)

other than that, very good sugestion

Also it would be great to have add to fav after a attack. Then we wont have to remember or take screenshot.


Yes plz. Right now I have to anticipate and favorite them before fight then fo back and delete if their base eats my hero =\

after a battle, when it shows you what you gained on the right and your king on the left, it should show your king on the left, what you gained in the center, and their king on the right, allowing you to star the other king before you enter the chamber of fortune.

Haven’t actually checked in version 1.5 yet, but before it just displayed the name, without the option to “star” them, if I remember correctly.


You could try to remember their name and search for it in the highscores, but some names contain characters that just aren’t that simple to enter in the search field (especially on mobile/no-physical-keyboard devices!!). Based on your language and virtual keyboards, a lot of characters aren’t available or at least not easily available. And some names just consist of “odd” symbols that you can only find on extensive unicode tables (http://unicode-table.com/en/#ipa-extensions).

As a simple example: ⇋ Now, try to find that symbol and enter it somewhere… and I’ve seen plenty of IGNs consisting of various “line”/“corner” symbols that were used to create letters in ASCII-art style…

Or take Arabic or Chinese letters - for non-Arabic/Chinese players without appropriate keyboards, those are enough to stop you from searching for those names.

Characters like ßäöü or various ôóò… are (depending on your native language/keyboard settings) already hard enough to remember and type correctly.


#tl;dr: Everything else than standard English symbols/characters + numbers are complicated. Hence remember+search is not sufficient.

There was a star button you could click after the opponent’s name, pretty much everywhere you ever saw the opponent’s name. Now there is an info button that you have to click on first

Just checked back, after the raid you only see your opponent’s name, no option to star or examine him, on v1.5 android.