I want them to be able to fight each other online

I often click on this video when opening an alliance match game… (And I want the equipment of the red king.The turban is cute :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do we always bring soldiers to war without the king of opponent in war。。。It is exciting to be able to set up a game against an online opponent

As at the beginning of this video。。。 Even if we can play games with face-to-face(king to king・・・like a chess ), it will be an interesting game


You can attack people while they’re online in war. It is pretty annoying otherwise though, especially only finding out they’re online after you try to attack them. I dunno why they don’t let you attack online players besides maybe the netcode not being able to handle it for some reason. Would be nice if it were fixed

You can get that helm ingame and make it the same color too :slight_smile:

There is a reason why you can’t attack online players (exception is war season, gold is protected at that moment).

Say you are trying to get gold for maxing something worth 15M. You are close to making that and start too raid. You show up for others also to have a lot of gold. You won your raid, but since others raid you, you even lose gold instead of gaining more gold. Frustrating isn’t it?

So instead of 15M, you suddenly have 13M. You raid again, others raid you and instead of seeing your gold going upwards, it goes downwards. with that as scenario, only fortunate ones or ones using a gold shield will be able to upgrade. You can say that gold must be protected when you are online, but flare also is no Santa and also doesn’t want to give plenty of gold for free away. So that’s why online players can’t be raided (unless they are online for a long time and don’t raid!)


:grinning: I just want to do an interesting game with RR2 (I want exciting more games)

The system at the time of the raid・・・ This company will make you balance and fun like an alliance warfare(may be)


It won’t be interesting when someone can steal your gold while you are online and raiding. I would call it frustrating. I don’t see how this can be fun at all. 

You think you finally gathered enough gold for an upgrade, click the upgrade button and in the meanwhile someone started raiding you. Worse case scenario a couple of players raid you at the same time (that is also prevented when you are not online!) and steal several M gold out of our treasure room, just to make it “fun” for you.

Say you need 10M, you have 9.9M and start raiding. Some of your gold was put in reserve for the raiders, so you must wait (not enough gold any longer) and hope not all is stolen. I wonder if you smile when you see that several M of your gold are put in reserve for the persons that in the meanwhile are raiding you. 

Say you are lucky and not everything is stolen and still have enough gold. You push the upgrade button once again and guess what? That same or other players in the meanwhile again started raiding you. Guess what, there is nothing funny on that, I bet a lot of players will get furious and demand to change the system back to how it is now, you can’t be raided when you are online. 

I for example don’t go to raid whole day in the hope that I can get more gold than multiple raiders are stealing for me at the same time. Or do you like that after a raid your treasure room lost gold instead of gaining gold? I definitely would not tolerate it, when I am online my treasure room gold should be safe.

Think on upgrades requiring full treasure room, those upgrades are hard to do when we can raid online players and steal their gold. So the system is fine like it is now. When a player is online, you can only raid him during a war raid, that condition is good.

That you don’t like the message that a player is online, is understandable. But when you are online, players trying to raid your base get that same message and let me tell you they get it more often than you will. 

If you want a challenge mode between players, fine. That such a new alternative would be implemented in a future scenario is also fine with me. But it must be always up to both players.

I do not like the online message and I do not mean I do not want to save GOLD

”If you want a challenge mode between players, fine”


There are times when three events overlap in this game?

①Ninja or alliance match

②Professional league

③Commemorative event(example grammy event . glowly event)

Rather than increase events that make everyone busy…  Another form of battle for personal enjoyment.

Separate the system on and off?If GOLD is also online, it protects?I also want to chat with my opponent online…

I would like to enjoy each other being online.

Search offline targets on leader board?Waiting for an opponent offline will also kill time.

"Wait for offline"I think that this time it is losing the charm of this game a little.

In other words, ”it is the time when the players are not playing”


@Dena4 how often do you get attacked? It’s probably more of an issue for high level players though, since they have less targets. But anyways isn’t that why we have a gold shield?

My guess is that letting people attack while the opponent is online would create situations where someone is changing their base or waves and are very weak.  Not fair to the players.

Other idea is that it is seen as a gold shield.

It depends. Sometimes you have harassers that raid multiple times in a row. It’s not an issue for high players only, its an issue for players having gold. But most times players raid me when matchmaker selected me for them. There is a rule (outside war seasons). A player can be raided by just one player at the same time. So this rule is violated easily when players can raid anyone they pick.

Everyone wants to raid for a lot of gold and so when you save gold for high upgrades, you don’t want to see your gold decrease instead of increasing. Sure… When I see a target having 500k+ gold or even more, I want to raid. It’s indeed disappointing to get the message that a person is online, but flare had a good reason for this. 

I also have been there, you can’t find any target giving descent gold (150k-) and when you finally found someone, he is online. You search again, need a lot of time to find again someone giving gold, online again :slightly_frowning_face: . Yes, that’s frustrating, I know. But the opposite is even more frustrating, raiding for gold and in the meanwhile being robbed by others, preventing you to do upgrades.

Now say for yourself, can you collect 15M from scratch? No, you need multiple raiding sessions. That some gold is robbed, while you are offline, so be it. For those situations there is indeed a gold shield. 

What we don’t know, is how often an opponent gets a message that we are online (that info we just don’t have.) I think you will be grateful if you really knew how often that occurs and how many gold could be robbed. 

I think you won’t be pleased in next scenario. You are close to having 15M for a max upgrade and your gold is limited for the next raid, since you can’t have more gold than 15M. While you are raiding, you are under attack. Some of your gold will be put in reserve by flare, since they don’t give all the gold by themselves. You raid and see that you don’t have 15M, but 14.999999M, just due to someone raided you or just started raiding you at the moment. Even when just 1 gold coin is put in reserve, you won’t have 15M, it’s as simple as that. Do you think you will raid and hope that nobody raids you during your raid, so that you finally can upgrade? I don’t think so. and I don’t think you will be amused that during your raid, suddenly 10+ players have raided you, since you had a lot of gold.

You won’t be amused at all, when you push on the upgrade button and then get a message that you don’t have enough gold to upgrade, since someone decided to raid you.

For flare it’s also difficult, how much gold can all those multiple players rob simultaneously? Complete 15M? Flare also doesn’t know when a raider choses to raid or not. And when 600k+ is shown and a raider then will get only a lousy 20k, I don’t think this will lead to a lot of smiling faces, since your gold will be somewhat better protected after a raid for a certain period of time. This already sometimes happens, you see high gold and wait for a moment to adapt your troops and spells, in the meanwhile someone else raided and after breaking the gate, you notice you get just a fraction of the gold. That’s disappointing I can tell you, that happens every now and then.

A gold shield would be a solution indeed, but that you only get for free once a day for three hours.

I don’t think you are willing to pay 20 gems (3 hour non free shield), 45 gems (one day shield), 180 gems (3 day shield) or even 999 gems (7 days)  every time, just because someone robbed a single coin from your treasure room while you were online, with the knowledge that those shields have a cool down of 10+ days, before you can use them again? I think Flare would piss off a lot of players when that happens quite often, you could say goodbye to the game. 

Protecting gold isn’t the only reason why we have gold shields. They are there for going offline for a while and keep your gold safe during that period. Players can raid you, but you will probably show not a lot of gold. that’s not the only thing, matchmaker won’t give you as a target while being shielded.  Being online is a kind of gold shield, by preventing you to show up with matchmaker. So when players want to raid you, they picked you as target by themselves. And then I think it’s normal that they get the notification that you are online.

It’s hard to show actual that a player is currently online. Let me give another example.

At time t1 you click on raiding me. At that moment I am not online. Before you see my gold and stats, Flare will have calculated the gold that you can rob. Some time has passed and let’s call this time t2. you hit the attack button at time t3. can you guarantee that nobody is raiding me already or that I came online in the meanwhile? The answer is no. That message is not only showing when someone is online, it’s also displaying when someone already is raiding you. 

Your argument assumes that you’re attacked while online enough to be prevented from getting enough gold. I don’t know about anyone else but for me that just isn’t true. I only get attacked 2 or 3 times a day. It’s unlikely I’ll be playing those exact times. 

Dena4 says right, but its very cool idea. It can be seperated from main gameply, like pro league. Everyone like it can join this and fight online with others (hero vs hero - pvp). Each hero with its own spells and forces, but if we want this mode to be fair, scrolls, beasts, alliance’s boosts(any features that obtained becuase of alliances) must be removed. Any features that hero has gained personally can be keeped, like pals, ninjas,…