I want to join the alliance Roaring Lions, plz...

I’m a fan of you, please let me be involved in your league. My user name is: Ma Kiếm Vô Song

I’ve sent a lot of applications for participation in your league, please agree.

me too. i want a bee :’(

Whats your in game name?

My game name is Ma Kiếm Vô Song

First off I don’t think there are members of roaring lions in the forums so this topic is pointless… And you might not have the minimum requirements they have…

#Edit: it seems like they are full… And you are in an alliance(I’m pretty much stating the obvious here :slight_smile:

Maybe Roaring Lion should have essay writing competition " Why I like Roaring Lion " to recruit new member  :wink:

No pls that too cruel :stuck_out_tongue:

i invited u our alliance (pakistan alliance). over here we have all elite boost activated 24/7.

We are actually looking for players with 4000+ trophies.