I want to remove those ninja from my raid!!!!!!!

Got lvl 12 ninja,  and all they do is block my knights destroy barricades!!!  

With faster stupid low normal damage ninja take spot of fire damage of my knights,  it takes me longer time,  some time i got 4 ninja on one barricade and my knights just wait behind!!! 

Make away that we can ignore them in the game. 



Removing ninja from the raid is pretty much I like. Those stupid screwed up the starting strategies. As soon as the ninja approaches the raging wolf hawls… Then hell rains…

Those idiots were supposed to help us not the opponent.

It’s better we get to have a started unit slot for Ninja near the summon slot… So whenever we need we can summon those little bustards…

We want control over summoning Ninja…

Give us “the ninja button”


At the same place as instant troops, and after we Can spawn instant troops, because I think There are already many buttons in battles.

well adding one more slot won’t do any harm

We have a lot of buttons already, when they added the insta-troop button it did harm me, I wasn’t used to having a button there so I usually moved my mouse over that part of the screen and called insta-troops by mistake, instead of moving my king freely.

Now you have adeptted it…

so will in the next…

I guess now I’m used to it, but it took me a lot of time. I lost raids because of that button, I don’t want that to start happening again :slightly_frowning_face:  



*screen real estate costs more than a san fran condo*


+1 Dave

This! Don’t spawn them at the start. Button or delay …

Make available or may haven’t ninjas in battle, we don’t have to be forced to use it. I’m not forced to do so! Give us the option, after all, i don’t need him.

it’s better if the ninja only appears near the castle gate… Other than this ninja is bullshit.