I want you to be able to exchange crystals for something other than professional league

A leader other than a handful of leaders of this game。。。They  worried about owning a donation · active member · PAL ·and  ProPal.

Even if we continue our efforts, we can not get crystals for propal most.

Can I go to VL? I am not interested. If I lose my alliance Discard this boring game。。。 Not playing to enjoy caste of alliance .

I 'M JUST  mother who was left to manage because the child wants to be a leader.


Although this game becomes a leader。。。How time-consuming these leaders are to waste. Will they suffer… I think that I do not understand

The leader is also a single user.A leader just beginning. you too

I would like crystal to be collected every day like pearl. Please make new facilities such as blacksmiths and mines

The winner is 15,000 crystals Of course you can keep the same value.

What should this game worry about? It is to think about the relief of the new alliance leader and its friend’s generals.

If they understand and abandon this game?This game will not continue