I was banned. in PRO-LEAGUE why.

There’s plenty of guys with only 1 account, I only play with one, but I do not care if others play more.

I’ve said it before to you many times, it seems you forget to enjoy playing the game.

Don’t worry that others play and win 50k gems, its only 1 person a month. Even if they cheat or whatnot, I am decent raider, but I’m quite sure I will never win it even if all the cheaters and multi account guys are removed, so no difference to me. I am guessing the same will apply to you. Yes its not good, it gets fixed slowly (maybe) but its not the doom and gloom you seem to think it is.

Where you get those 8 tickets? Did you buy it?

if Flare start to ban same the fair player. Ok thanks to show me this. I will not participate in PL anymore until Flare decide to clean all cheater and stop ban fair one

I have like 4 hanging out. Only play 1 time month. Can get in chest also. Would question if it was 108 though.

Are you definitely banned?? Or were you just to late to take part in this pro league. I know it used to be no entries 18 hours and less before the end  but not sure now with the earlier finish.

My max amount of tickets was 5. My son bought them for gems and donated them to me as he does not like PL. 

Hey @hatsunemiku

Please, enquire with the Customer Support as to a possible ban or any other reasons preventing you from participating in the Pro League: https://fgurl.net/help_me

All the best. 



Wow, you must be rich gems to buy that much tickets and I presume you already use it weekly on each pro league season right? As Archimedes said, you can contact flare supportif you didn’t breaking their rules and for more explanation (perhaps you can get un-banned too like someone who got banned by mistake some time ago).

Good Luck! ?

Sometimes we get free pro-tickets from pro chests, not surprising. Lucky I got 2 free, then 1 free, from 2 PL chests reward in a row, now I have enough for a month don’t need to buy ticket

I must be opening wrong pro chests :slight_smile:  rarely I get pro item more of pearls and pet food never tickets… unlucky :grinning:  

only food for pets and pearls … occasional 2.7k crystals.

Yepp … even crystals are rare nowadays 

Sometimes lucky not always. From last PL I got only pet foods & pearls, and 1 uber item (melted), got no ticket

@hatsunemiku keep us informed about your situation if that was a unfair ban or something else. Thanks


You’re welcome


If you get a bad ranking in the pro league (like only 1 or 2 pro chests per week) you will most likely get pearls and pal food.

If you get a good ranking (3 or more pro chests) there’s a much higher chance of getting pro items.

If you get a great ranking (7 or 10 pro chests) you will get at least 1 pro item per chest, on average.

That is why lot play with multi accounts.

Why is the 750 gems from a 1 pro chests reward less worth than some one who got 7 chests?

If flare not ban those shown in other topics on forum than they discriminate the single accounts.

Maybe it is flare’s intention to keep only multi accounts.

I see every week players leaving the game, only the 2nd accounts stays in the game (as free players, not in ally)