Looks like Flaregames has taken an interest in my list and our opinion of Alliance Wars. My list and I were quoted in this improvements request from Jack. I did not see this post before and seeing they will be giving this information to the developers, I will renege on my resignation from the game. I will continue to maintain my list, as well, as there seems to be hope for Royal Revolt 2!!!

Post can be found here: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5416-alliance-wars-feedback-wanted/



You may know me as the forum poster that replies to everything. Or, the person that generated a massive list for Flaregames to see what all the folks on the forums actually want from this game ( http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/3517-a-huge-list-of-improvements-submitted-to-flaregames-weekly/). After reading through the forums for the short time I have been here and sitting in wonder of how the game actually works for the 2 years I have been playing it (thanks to sn1kt and Flothaboss, I have a much greater understand, but no thanks to Flaregames), I am done playing this game. I have invested a lot of time, money, and resources into this game. Trying to make it the best for my two alliances and myself. But after seeing how Flaregames handles its user base. I cannot be apart of or support this game any longer.

My final straw was building a huge list of improvements and Flaregames does the opposite for most items on the list. They even emailed me back on the list and politely asked me to stop sending it. Keep it on the forums because the admins (who are rarely ever seen in the forums) will review it and pass it along.

If you would like, you can copy and paste my list into another thread and continue to maintain it. But I am done trying to help something that is going downhill fast. It is sad because this is a beautiful game but back by a horrible team.

I wish you all the best and hope to maybe see you in the next game. I will be sure to read the forums for the next game before I start to invest anything into it. Just to make sure I am not supporting something that will back fire on me. I hope that tidbit will help you all as well.

Good Luck

Joekee (and 3 other IGN alias).

What will happen to your alliances? And if you are quitting can I have your account :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all your advice Joekee. It helped my Alliance grow stronger. :slight_smile:

Farewell Joekee, I am sure you will find a better game(s) where its developers actually listen and respect their customers. You will be valuable to them without any doubt.


Take care

Greeting Joekee, you have done a great job in this forum helping lot of people through the sub-forum “bugreport” but also thanks to your improvements list for royal revolt 2 ! I hope they will take care (the developers) of your lists there are beautiful things which can revive the game !

And…with all this pay-to-win Flare is scraping the bottom of the barrel and this is the result = top and loyal players that leave the game…


Thanks and see you !

Pity to see you leave bcs Flare made it stink for you, like they did for many others…they are just professional golddiggers…

Good luck Joekie!

Diva letter! weeeeeeee You go girlfriend!



In your search for a new game, ull find that there are as many amazing fun games out there as there are stars in the sky.

Not sure if your correct to bash Flaregames thou…for the small development team that that they have, they made a smash hit and knocked it out of the park.

the game pisses me off sometimes too but after you play about a thousand more games ull realize what a gem RR2 was and is.

Plus we always got silver here at the forum if we in need of any worthless attn. grabbing nonsence, eh?


please don’t go… And don’t give up this game…

From now on we will listen…


Flare… :slight_smile:

He probably already left and is not looking at this post again

Joekee, good bye my friend,


Every word written here is true. Flares greediness has finally knocked the final nail into this game’s coffin.


I liked this game very much. Was posting a lot against flares bad attitude to the players and their attempts to turn us into time and money slaves.

Have already given up my alliance and leadership, to become just an easy casual player, hoping something will change. Well, nothing has changed… It is becoming even worse and worse all the time.


Now seeing many veteran players becoming inactive, many empty ghost alliances left behind. A dying game. Not a good feeling.

Glad you reconsidered. Your Alliance and the game needs persons like you.

I just hope Flaregames follows through with a major portion of what is recommended here: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5416-alliance-wars-feedback-wanted/?fromsearch=1

This what kept me here. The admin showing support for its users.