I wonder...

When possible, should a bomb tower throw a bomb into the range of a Firebolt? I feel like that might cause the king to run back into the Firebolt’s path, further interrupting the king’s regeneration. Thoughts?

Hard to say…


At high lvl gameplay, bomb towers are only useful when boosted, and then they should shoot ahead by like half of the total path length, to allow them firing during half of the raid. Whether or not there’s some firebolt tower in between is rather secondary, I’d say.

As you can’t solo high lvl bases, you would most likely have troops nearby, and a high-lvl shield or heal spell with you, so the king’s regeneration is not the biggest problem.

The main problem is keeping your troops alive and getting them to proceed further into the base, and thus skull towers are more important, as they can deal significant damage to armies of almost any size. 

For wearing down the king’s health, path overlap with boosted ranged troops as well as boosted mummies in melee are far more effective than a firebolt tower will ever be (in nearer future - obviously you don’t know what changes will be made in half a year). 


For mid-lvl gameplay, your idea might be useful, but still making the king run into a snake tower is more dangerous for the king, and running into a (potentially across-path-firing) skull tower’s range and thus releasing a deadly salve of skull-bombs onto your troops during your attempt to throw back a single regular bomb is probably more devastating to your troops, so again the advantage of running exactly into a firebolt tower compared to other tower types probably isn’t that high (and snake towers for example are cheaper than firebolts, so the cost argument isn’t on the fb’s side either). 

Note, I’m not saying firebolts are generally less useful than snakes, but for “luring the king into a trap” / “tricking the king”, probably firebolts (you know they have long range, and you are inside their range for a comparably long time anyway, and with fire shield gear their effective damage to the king is actually comparably low) aren’t the best choice. 


Low-lvl gameplay usually doesn’t have anything substantial above firebolt towers, so there this idea might actually work well, best combined with across-path-overlap-firing firebolt/bomb towers. But I can’t really judge current low-lvl experience as it’s been quite a while since I was there…

Still, I can imagine that frosters might go well with this tactics, as they slow down the hero, prolonging the time he is within the area where bombs and burning spears fly around, thus increasing the damage dealt to the king and lowering his bomb-throwback success rate.