I would like to request reduction of Ninja coin's quota.

For example I would like to lower the Ninja coin’s quota.
Or count the number of times you played Ninja throughout the alliance.

If it is the calculation method of the current quota
It is difficult to earn rewards and ninja in an alliance where there are not so many members who have lots of trophies.

This is especially true of alliances who are raising new members. :ph34r: :slightly_frowning_face: This difficulty is getting bigger as the alliance is bigger in scale.

The goal to get the highest rewards is not very hard to reach if your alliance is balanced correctly. If your alliance is a mid to upper level with many players under or around 1k trophies you should encourage those players to upgrade as their ninja score will not be very helpful in reaching your goal for a level 60+ alliance. 

ok.I will keep looking for ambitious players

Sadly nothing you can do about this. My previous alliance had the same problems. Level 80-110 who participate in low tier like 1,500 tier or 2,000 tier. So at final your alliance don’t goal enough high to get all chests. At low and medium alliance have a lots of inactive players who don’t do any events. So its hard to find player who invest 100% in a mobile games. i have problem in Olympus Rising to find just one and others of my games on my Ipad too. All mobiles have all the same problem no one give his 100% in a game. So you stuck with what you have

No one is married to a game and mobile game demand a lots of time consuming. So at final some new player or mid players maybe stop playing after a while and delete the game. There is no perfect solution just develop and join top 100 alliance. in mobile only top 100 are active and alive the rest not sure : they are dead, alive but not active much,etc…

mobiles are not enough popular like MMORPG online on PC or console. mobiles don’t seem a success anymore. Maybe was 10 years ago but I see in a huge number of game. Each game die one by one enough fast. Soon I will be forced to stop them all. Maybe 5 or 6 month maximum in all of my games. Players stop playing.

I guess its because mobile game are based on 2 or 3 years of time you need to develop and max your stuffs. No one like this model of games. So its the main reason why they die fast. What I see too its no one like P2W games much. So a games like RR2 or WWE Champions or others who demand to paid if you want to accelerate your development don’t attract anyone so the game lose everyone and the game die

RR2 have suffer of P2W content and others mistake Flare have do over 4 years. So RR2 are in dead state or call End game. So its hard now to find active and serious player


For the past two years making my alliance…
Probably it was not able to win defense NINJA 20 times.

Your story is nothing wrong. There are many players who will lose motivation.

There are few users visiting my alliance. Just release users who are no longer logged in.
I am waiting for them to play again.


I will continue to run the alliance until the day my friends are all gone and I will be the last one.

I wonder how long it is preparing and waiting for the regular that I am now.

Until the beautiful day when my allied environment is filled with purple, filled with active users, chat is filled with active talk.

The way to the goal is still long. I hope that this game will be there until then.

 Even if we love this game and will continue to play in the future. .
If we seek the pleasures we can achieve with our colleagues. . .
For example, we can adjust the matching of events to challenge and the norm of rewards.
For example, if there are some participants in the game, you can clear the quota.
Leader general infantry, will lead to an increase in the motivation of all allied players.

Yes, of course we can not reduce the size of the alliance upgraded. Boost can not reduce expenses. Matching and reducing the territory will not be as small as I thought. The Ninja 's quota will not become smaller. An active user who still chooses my alliance that is saving a lot of savings looks as if to search for gold from the river.

But I want to think that there are still few days to give up.

Can we propose something to get the sense of accomplishment of alliance members at each event?

The leaders and generals of all the alliances know the competence of their alliance. In case
Do not lay them down lamenting.

Please make sure that those in the alliance can enrich the time of the game they will visit in their spare time.